Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Qui Vivra Verra: She Who Lives Shall See


I went to France back in 2011 (and clearly I'm still talking about it). This place was the Bee's Knees. France was my first out of country trip so maybe I am a little biased but it was such a magical trip for me I think the world should know about it. Plus, theres some pictures in here of me back when I was 17. Those will be a good laugh. 

Oh wow look, I haven't changed my "look at this view" photography style in eight years. Ugh, somethings just never change, friends. Fun fact: I took three years of French before going on this trip and I learned way more in 2 weeks immersing myself in the language than I did in three years via textbooks. 

Anyway, France was a grand time for me. From the food to the shopping (my bank account still hurts), to the markets and sightseeing. There are so many opportunities for a visiter in France.

France has history. Some of the buildings are older than America alone. The Eiffel Tower, Arc De Triomphe, and other landmarks make for loads to do when you’re paying a visit. When I went, I landed at night and saw the Eiffel Tower all lit up with Twinkling lights and I’ve never been so amazed by a view than in that moment. It’s a popular land mark for a reason so I think it’s worth going up the rickety elevator to see the city from up top. Also, the Palace of Versaille was incredible. They say it would take someone three months to explore the grounds in its entirety.

With France being around since 1453 ( as their own entity) it has had a great chance to develop a rich and intricate history over the years. One of the greatest ways to see this is through the various museums and galleries scattered across France. Le Louvre is a huge museum dedicated to art from all over the world and France’s history. I was only there for like 6 hours but it could easily take you 3 days to explore the grounds. 

But let’s talk about the important stuff. Food. I’m not talking about snails, although if that’s on your bucket list, France is the place to try them. Cuisine is one of the greatest things to come out of France. Inspired by a unique take on European food, this part of the world is truly singular, and this makes it a great place for munch lovers to meet up. If you would like something new and trendy or a classic french meal you will be able to indulge in both in the city.

Being the spiritual home of wine, you won’t find many places with a wider selection of quality drinks for you to try from. Also, France is home of the Champagne caves. True champagne must come from France as they are the real harvesteors for the drink. Anything else is, well, phony. The French are also very passionate about lagers and ales too. Sit down at any bar and you will find something on the menu you like. 

Most people like to go on vacations to relax and have some alone time. Away from the troubles of their world. That is all fine and dandy but I’d recommend the Congo where no one will bother you because France has very active touristy areas. If you're nit walking, you're not trying. Options like Les Bartavelles chalet in Meribel can put you into a frozen paradise ready to go skiing or snowboarding, followed by some time in the sauna. This is perfect for anyone with a taste of the adventurer’s bug. Plus all of the tours and sight seeing, you’ll need your strength. The French don’t stop so neither will you! 

A country like France is never boring. With such a rich history, diverse population, and range of things to do, it’s impossible to find yourself sitting on your thumbs. Instead, if you plan your trip correctly, you could find yourself rushing around. You will definitely get your steps in. 

I put visit France back on my bucket list because I've been longing to go back. I made myself a deal though. I need to re-learn French before I can return so wish me luck!.

Crowd: Bonne-Chance!

Au revoir!

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Sunday, December 10, 2017

Travel Often & Spend Less

I have an insane calling to be where I am not.
My 2016 New Years resolution was to travel someplace new each month. It might seem as though traveling your heart out and keeping your bank account happy is impossible to achieve, but with a little imagination and some forward-thinking, you would be amazed at how easy it can really be.

Traveling is always going to cost you a little something, but it can be truly incredible how little it can really cost you on the whole. If you are clever about it, you can make traveling much cheaper than people tend to think it needs to be. Im always on the hunt for a deal. This where I need to take a moment and thank my algebra teachers because this is where formulas come into handy with how craft people get on saving money.  Satisfying your wanderlust while keeping your bank balance as happy as possible is a science because these numbers (aka dollars,) actually matter. 

Know How To Shop Around

Most people will go to one, maybe two websites to check for flights and then be done with it. Do not be one of those people. If you want to really save as much money as you can, you will find that it is essential to use a comparison service like In this way, you can expect to find the cheapest possible flights to anywhere in the world. What does that mean? A huge chunk of your trip has just been saved. Buy yourself something pretty when you go. You can do this with accommodations too! Knowing how to shop around will mean that you come out on top every time, and have saved money even before you set foot on your land of destiny.

Rent Out Your Home

Maybe you want to spend a little more and have a particularly luxurious trip, but you still want to keep your finances in check. Fortunately, there are a number of ways in which you can make this happen. One of the most popular is to rent out your home for the duration of your trip abroad. Using services such as you can rent out your home in a safe and reliable way, and save some money on the whole. Depending on your home and its location, you might even be able to make back the money you spend on accommodation for your holiday. There is nothing that feels better than knowing that your holiday was almost free of charge.

Earn As You Go

If you are looking to travel for a particularly long time instead, and you want to make some money in the process, then one great way to do that is to get jobs as you move around.  Thankfully, this is relatively easy to do, but it does depend largely on where you plan to be traveling and what your own skills are. Something that anyone can do, however, is teaching English as a foreign language, and you will find that there are countless places wanting teachers of that kind in many countries around the world. In this way, you can travel extensively and earn money at the same time, and in so doing you can make your travels - and your money - last much longer.

Friday, December 8, 2017

Taking Control Of Your Season Selection

Ever sit there in the middle of summer wishing it was Spring again? Or find you wanting to wear just a few extra layers when it’s not quite cold enough yet?

Coming from a desert I take any chance I get to experience some other type of climate. Most people out there have a favorite time of year. Mine is autumn because I’m a basic B, but there are various weather and climate types that others would like to experience more than their homeland can offer them.  Thanks to the Wright brothers, we can now whisk off to any part of the world we like for any season at any time.

The other day I told my dad I wanted to go to Peru in October. He asked me if I checked what the weather was going to be like. I looked at and thought, “It’s Peru, isn’t it always tropical there? Why would I have to think about the weather?”

Referring back to 5th-grade science, I hit myself in the head as I realize all the places I want to go are in different hemispheres and climates. Not every place rotates the same way as my homeland. I know guys, sometimes I can be pretty impressive.

Anyway, no, I did not check the weather for Peru in October and I am glad dad told me to because October is when the rainy season picks up. If I want to get washed away while hiking the Inca trail that would be the time to go otherwise may through September are Peru’s driest months and would make my experience a little more pleasant.

Some places around the world will have huge fluctuations in their weather, with one day being nothing like the next and even vaster changes between the months. In other places, though, the climate will largely stay the same.

*cough cough* Las Vegas. It was 78 degrees a week ago, just saying.

Do your research before you decide to travel abroad or to foreign lands because each area will reflect different seasons and it’s just smart travel advice if you’re more aware.

For Example…

Spring: Ushering in new life, better weather, and active animals, spring is one of the best times of year for those who love to be outside. I can see the picnic basket hiking tour groups now! During this time, the weather will stay very pleasant, and usually out of the four, spring takes the silver in favoritism for a lot of people. To capture this in your travels, countries like New Zealand have a very moderate climate throughout the year, and always have enough greenery to make you feel like spring has sprung. Focus your travels in the southern hemisphere for spring weather destinations. Places like Ecuador, Columbia, and Mexico are also popular.   

Summer: For a lot of people chasing the sun will be a great way to enjoy a fun trip, and you have loads of options to help you out. Beaches are pretty warm year round for the most part and outdoor activities like zip lining and waterfall repelling become more enticing. Generally, the closer a country gets to the equator, the warmer it will be. In the northern hemisphere, the south will take you somewhere warm. In the south, though, you’ll need to go north for a better climate.

Autumn: AKA, my favorite season as stated above. Pumpkin spice & everything nice... When the trees start to run red, orange, and brown, the world starts to take on a very mysterious quality. The natural world starts to shut down for winter, and an amazing transition occurs. Unfortunately, capturing this is impossible without traveling through time, and you’ll need to find other aspects of autumn to enjoy. Canada is a great country for this, offering a landscape which will send most people to this time of year.

Winter: Looking for winter isn’t at the top of most people’s bucket lists. Of course, though, to be able to get warm and cozy, you first have to get cold, and this can make a winter vacation house the best option you have. There are loads of cold places around the world. Most of them are beautiful so it may be hard to choose where exactly you’d like to go first. Scandinavian area is one of my top options and Greenland has a tundra feel to it as well.

With the world of modern travel, it is very easy to decide where you want to go at a moment’s notice. Of course, we cant turn back time but we can jet off to a place that feels like we did. 

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Your Coffee Habit Has Been Justified: The Surprising Benefits of Drinking Coffee

Most of us love nothing more than starting off the day with a fresh cup of coffee... or six cups. It gives us the energy we need to tackle the day ahead. Lord knows laying on the couch watching Criminal Minds can be a nail biter and I need all of the energy I can get. Aside from giving us a productive burst, coffee does a lot more for our bodies too.

Prevents the risk of aging and improves skin texture – If you have been trying various face masks in an attempt to achieve radiant and glowing skin, the answer could be in a cup of coffee. This is because of the main ingredient, caffeine contains antioxidants and anti-aging properties, which give your body the ability to fight against free radicals. You will find that a lot of these antioxidants and anti-aging properties are actually found in many beauty products.

Lowers the risk of diabetes – Health experts have researched this subject numerous times, and they have come to the conclusion that coffee can reduce the risk of diabetes. This is because caffeine increases the level of estrogen and testosterone in the body, which lowers the risk of type 2 diabetes. Can I get a "HOLLA!"

It gives you a taste of different cultures – Coffee is integral to a lot of countries and cultures around the world. When visiting another country, you will often get offered their traditional coffee and honestly, you should take them up on that. You would be amazed to see the differences in taste between border lines. While we indulge in our double ristretto venti half-soy nonfat decaf organic chocolate brownie iced vanilla double-shot gingerbread extra hot with foam whipped cream upside down double blended coffees, people in Greece prefer a shot of strong, dark Greek coffee.  If you are going to buy various types of coffee, make sure you research the important questions, i.e. how long does coffee last? How should I store it? And most importantly, how is it meant to be enjoyed? Coffee with milk is actually quite unusual in a lot of places!

Coffee makes you happier – If you ever needed a reason to drink more coffee, this is it. Coffee can make you happier and help you to fight depression. There have been a number of tests and studies that have proven this to be the case. This includes one that was published via Harvard in 2011. In this study, it was found that females who drank four or more cups of coffee each day had a 20 percent lower risk of being depressed. You can now justify hitting the Starbucks drive-thru more than once in a day. Thank you, Harvard.

There are essential nutrients in coffee – Lastly, a lot of people do not realize that coffee actually contains essential nutrients. This includes the likes of magnesium, niacin, potassium, manganese, pantothenic acid, and riboflavin. The latter of which is vitamin B5 and vitamin B2. Trust me, this is what REALLY gets you through the day. Coffee is a lot more than just black water; it contains nutrients that are good for you!

As you can see, there are a number of benefits associated with drinking coffee. Now, you have an even bigger excuse to indulge in a delicious cup of coffee or two, or three... before you go to work in the morning or deal with your daily tasks around the home. Hallelujah!

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Tuesday, December 5, 2017

A True Reflection: The Revealing Nature Of Selfies

Selfies all started with Myspace. Remember when it was fashionable to turn the contrast up so high that no one could even see your nose? Now, Instagram and Snapchat have revolutionized the form and it’s safe to say the selfie is here to stay. Nowadays your nose is covered by an animal's face or freckles, but at least it hasn't disappeared. Kudos to Snapchat.  

As selfies have grown, so have the people who take them. We’ve transformed from young girls to beautiful women. And, I think that selfies have played a bit of a roll in that transformation.

Walk with me on my selfie journey.


My first official myspace profile picture. Round of applause for 7th grade me.

Let's move along to 8th grade. The sideways crop was intentional. It added a dramatic "I'm artsty and different" effect.

I think my 9th-grade selfie game was consistently paired with an AFI song.

High school got a little better I think? Right? Maybe... I never know what to do with my hands.

BAM this is me now.


Oh, here I am. I've evolved a little bit.

Back to the original point.

Think about this for a second. How much of our sense of self-comes from selfies? It’s likely that our idea of appearance rooted from the selfie. Even now, a lot of us turn to selfies to judge our blemishes and analyze our features. Hell, I'm guilty of that on a daily basis. In many ways, those endless snapping sessions are the only accurate reflections we have of ourselves. When we look in the mirror, we place ourselves in a perfected version because we stand at the angle we know looks best, and might even try a couple expressions in the mirror to flatter some features, but, the reality is we don't wear our mirror face all day.

I don't know about you but my selfie face and my mirror fae run in the same circles but, you can be sure that, during a  snap session, some pictures won’t be so polished.  Those photos are where the real lessons lie. By clicking through, you can gain an accurate idea of how you look to the rest of the world.

Sometimes I'm psyched, other photos I think "Yikes."

But instead of looking at those photos in a negative light I think this could be looked at as an opportunity to help grow our self-esteem and become more beautiful. 

The ability to change what you can

A poorly timed selfie can reveal a multitude of sins. Something as small as a spot staining on your teeth you never knew was there. Call Horizon Dental and rectify the issue. Or, maybe you realized that you look like a six-year-old when your ears are in photos. You can stop doing it, and ensure no one sees you in your child like form. Those are easy quick fixes if they really bother your outer appearance. 

And accept what you can’t

You can’t change everything you discover about yourself. Your nose might be bigger than you like, or that strange dimple you have on your forehead may look a little more prominent. While you can’t easily alter these, you can grow accustomed to them. The more they appear in your selfies, the less they’ll bother you. Eventually, you may stop seeing them at all. More times than not, the only person who sees blemishes are you and no one else sees them until they are pointed out (typically by you). 

A documented journey

Remember, too, that our generation documents our lives more than any before us. Once, photographs were few and far between, taken only during the holidays or family reunions. Now we have easy access to evidence of how our bodies have changed and evolved. At the click of a button, you can look at 14-year-old you. One more click, and there you are - twenty-one and gorgeous. If you ever doubt yourself, look at old selfies to see how far you’ve come, and remember how far you still have to go. 

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