Friday, August 29, 2014

Easy Back To School Hairstyles: That Don't Make You Look Homeless

So this is my first hair tutorial I've ever done....
Its not really a tutorial, its kind of me just taking selfies with different parts of my hair doing funky things. The steps in between.... use common sense.

Going back to school, I'm not trying to straighten, curl, or like glam up my hair everyday, but I also don't want to look homeless this whole semester. These are my go-to hairstyles to create a cute look but under five minutes.

I call this the "Fun Bun"... Its fun to do and fun to wear

1.) Roll out of bed, brush your hair and get a hair tie, maybe a few bobby pins just in case.  Pull all your hair to the stop of your head and secure it with a hair tie. Dont put all of your hair through on the last ream of your hair tie though!

2.) Leave some hair unlooped through your hair tie and let it hang there. Get the height of your bun and secure that with hairspray or teasing. Now bring that extra unlooped piece to the opposite side and begin to wrap around the base of the bun (AKA the hair tie)

3.) You'll notice your bun starts loo look like a ball on your head, This is good. Keep wrapping and wrapping and wrapping ad wrapping and wrapping.... until it looks like the photo on the right below.

4. Secure both sides of your bun down with a bobby pin next to your wrapping job. Fasten your bobby pins inside the wrap job if possible. Gives a more presentable look. Add on some fun bobby pins or a head band for an upgraded look!

I'm not gonna lie this looks better with thicker hair, but high buns are cute regardless so it works.
You can secure your fly-aways with an old toothbrush and hairspray.... look to Youtube on how to do that, or just use hairspray. I like fly-aways so I'm keeping them :)

Then we have the Knotty (naughty) Low Ponytail

1. Once again, roll out of bed, brush your hair out, but this time put some mouse in it or spray hair spray into your hands and spread throughout your hair. Separate your hair in half  (vertically) from the back and pull over to one side

2. Take two ends and take them as if you were going to tie them together. (don't make a bow if you like bows go to a different blog because I hate bows, just do the first step often, right over left and under or through). Do that one more time, depending on how long your hair is, do it again until desired not is proportionate to your hair.

3. Fasten with a tiny hair band or rubber band just to hold it in place, from here you can either leave it has a ponytail

4. Go into a braid... I don't particularly this option for medium length hair because our braid can be very short, but for longer hair yes, go for it.

5. My favorite option is (yes another bun) is to bring it into a low bun. My hair is thin and can't handle styles like this until I can grow my hair about 8 more inches. So I tuck my left over hair ( its also cute if you braid it and tuck it too if done right because it looks like a lot if going on) into the previous knot hole and secure it with a bobby pin behind the whole bun, close to my hear.

Once again, add accessories for an upgraded look. I love sparkly bobby pins and headbands!

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