Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Let's Talk Hair

I'm not talking about the hair on your head I'm talking about hair pretty much anywhere else. Particularly, legs, for right now.

Some of us are shavers--- I highly recommend Gillette Venus Embrace. It's smooth, and gets every unwanted hair. There's a green aspect too because it is refillable so you don't have to dispose of the unwanted plastic when the blade dies out. 

Another option (for legs only) are men's face shavers. They're gentle enough for a man's face but they're a little rougher and tougher that they work good on woman's legs 

Shaving is easy and a quick fix, but if you want real results I say WAXING is the way to go. 

There's a couple of ways this can be done

PROFESSIONALLY- You can walk into any nail salon and there is a waxing room. Pay like $10-20 and your legs will be hair free for about a week before little stubble grows back! The only con is that you don't get to control the pain.

PERSONALLY- It takes a lot to inflict pain on yourself but at least you get to control it. You can go hair by hair or make it quick and painless.  It lasts about a week before ANY hair grows back. Since you're pulling out the hair in its entirety it takes longer for it to grow back. 

I recommend SurgiCare Wax Hair Removal. Its hypo allergenic, doesn't leave any irritating pieces or skin patches behind, and is not itchy after use. Comes with sticks and strips for personal preference and you can get about 6 total uses out of a box.
 SurgiCare Wax Hair Remover for Bikini, Body & Legs- 4 oz 

I DO NOT recommend the Sally Hansen brand. I know way to many victims of this "wax" product. It is way to sticky and sticks to your skin and tools. Also, the wax is strong and has been none to lift a layer of skin while leaving behind red streaks from recently pulled wax. I do not recommend the strips, the wax, the healing lotion, the cream, any of it. I think there formula needs correcting unless they are okay with a narrow demographic with reptile skin.

Last resort, and this better be like stranded-on-an-island-and-the-only-thing-you-want-to-do-is-get-the-hair-off-your-legs option, is Nair. Not only is Nair smelly and messy but its expensive and known to leave behind skin burns and make your skin more sensitive in the area Nair is applied. Your leg skin is tough skin as it is, by weakening that part of your skin you're losing a valuable asset on your body. Legs should look sexy, not blotchy. 

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