Saturday, September 6, 2014


So about a year or so ago I was at a craft convention and I came across this company called MoonGlow. MoonGlow is a jewelry company that sells custom made pendants and hand made jewelry.

You can check them out here. 

Here's what they do.

They ask you your birthday, or any special date for that matter, and they look up EXACTLY how the moon looked on that special night. Another cool feature is you can customize it to a ring, earrings, bracelets, men's jewelry, etc. Also, if you wear it in the day and allow it to catch some natural sunlight it will glow, just like how it was on the specific date. Not like the obnoxious kind of glow either, it looks like a natural white lit up moon. Its' a very intimate piece of jewelry in my opinion.

For example, I purchased one... and then I lost it at a hotel I was staying at (still bitter about that) so then my mom bought me another one for Christmas last year. ANYWAYS, I was born on 12/29/1993 which happened to be a full moon. Haha jokes on you guys, I'm actually a werewolf. :P

Anyways, here's mine:

The little blue crystal, is my birth stone. There are plenty of options on what kind of casing you want your moon in.

I got my mom one for her birthday, and she wears it all the time! She gets so many compliments on it and its kind of like her unique piece of jewelry she gets to show off. 

v v v her moon is a 3rd quarter waning moon which looks something like that v v v 

Its crazy how they can take a piece of the universe, shrink it down, and make it wearable!

But look at all the options they have

That's just a few of the. I highly encourage you to look at their website. Its a really nice sentimental gift for that person that is impossible to find things for. You can find things from $15 to $100. 


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