Tuesday, November 11, 2014

What To Do When You Don't Know What To Do: Christmas and Love Interests

Hey Vegas, Jordan here and Christmas clearly is not...not yet at least. Getting ready for all the Mariah Carey repeats, family coming into town, and if you live where I live a hot desert with no snow to celebrate the giving season. You've made a list but have you checked it twice? I'm going to guess not. Sales are popping up, turkeys are everywhere and Black Friday shopping (although every year you say you're not going) is looking abetter and better as time goes on. But what do you really get that special someone? Are they really that special? Maybe they're something old, something borrowed, or something new. Whatever the case may be Holidays are coming up and you've got to start plotting.

So here's what to do when you don't know what to do: Christmas and Love Interests

"Were talking" but we haven't had our first date yet: Do not stress. Cards are not overrated in this scenario. Maybe attach some chirstmas candy in the process. Give them a little Holiday cheer by a sentimental "Hope your (insert holiday here) is full of laughter and memeories!" and attach some sort of M&M candy cane or soemthing. Simple and sweet just like your beginning phases.

"We've been on a couple dates, but were still getting to know each other." I'm assuming you've seen their room to picked up on some of their habits. Look back at old conversations you've had and try to see what that other person is missing.  Does she/he have a thing for specialty socks? Get them a pair or two that "remind you of her/him" Something small, like this should really not exceed $25. Attach some candy to it too. (Candy is the ultimate wing-man y'all.) This should definitely be more fun, gimmicky, and almost mocking of the other person. Too serious of a gift says "you're too serious" which could end in a disaster.

"It's been like 3 months now" Okay so you met probably around the beginning of school, new semester, new love, I get it. You're seeing each other a couple of days a week, possible stay-overs, you see each other a lot. Still stick with the "funny" gift idea but maybe get a couple of them. Her/his favorite animal is an antelope and you had no idea what that even was until you met them. Recreate that memory. If you are a sentimental and a romantic get a friendly looking picture and put it in a nice frame with some hot chocolate attached to it. Not a super serious photo, maybe one from when you just started dating or his/hers favorite photo works as well. If they stay over a lot buy them some fun Christmas pajamas. It'll make the other person laugh because its so ridiculous but it's also a compliment.

"She/He just told me they loved me about a week ago;) ." Ahh, so the words manged to travel from the brain to the mouth. Now its a little more serious, and your gift should be too. Go for the jewelry. STAY AWAY FROM RINGS Get him a nice watch, get her a daangling necklace. I personally prefer bracelets or earrings because they're not as serious but it just depends on your level of a relationship. Don't worry about if your spending too much or too little. Youll get a vibe from the other person when the topic comes up (because it always does) and go with your gut. Never tell them how much you spend. So what if you found a Micheal Kors wallet for $50 but he spent $260 on your Ugg boots. 

"Hes definitely my boyfriend/ Shes definitely my girlfriend" So its not secret you're into each other. 6 months or longer is a pretty long time for my day and age. You honestly might have it easier because he or she will feel more comfortable around you they might "hint" at gifts. Let's be real here for a second. You're expected to get gifts, whether he/she expects it, their family, their Chihuahua that always barks, whatever. Regardless you're going to have to do it. Pay attention to clues, if none are given, don't doubt yourself, you know them. Guys: It's not how much you spend, its how creative you get with your gifts. If you got her jewelry last year, do something different this year. Girls: Don;t be so serious with your gifts. Get him a laser tag set, something he can actually do something with; along with something sentimental.

***Unless your popping the question. I highly suggest you get jewelry for this occasion.***

"Were engaged/ We're newlyweds" Your fun is over your getting ties and bathroom travel cases from your girl and then blenders and some Bath & Body works lotion from your man. #NoShame though. Points for those who are creative with gifts every year.

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