Wednesday, February 25, 2015

10 People Who Deserve a Medal

I believe in recognition and sometimes I think these average citizens of life get overlooked when, really, they play an important role in our society. Shout out (S/O) to all those folks out there that have made others lives easier with these small tasks.

If I had a medal I would send you all one, but I don't have that kind of time or money so I hope this post will do. Just know that your presence is definitely noticed.

The Pizza guys who make your random request for a dinosaur to be drawn on the inside of the box
They actually put up with the crap the American public wants.

The sales associates who refolded the entire section of tank tops that were just ransacked by sale crazed women 
Only to be re-destroyed in 5 minutes.

The person who REALLY DOESN'T LOOK when you say "Don't look now but...."
Thanks for actually listening.

The professor that says he doesn't count attendance.
Kudos to those that post the power-points online too.

The sales clerk that doesn't make you search for the two pennies of your $0.37 remainder.
She casually reaches into her jar of pens and pulls out the exact amount you need.

The left shark in Katey Perry's super bowl performance.
Thanks for not having a clue

The inventor of Nutella.
Seriously, is there anything that spread doesn't taste good with.

The people who leave the answers in their college textbooks.
Amen to the brotha that just saved my grade.

The waiter at Olive Garden that hooks you up with extra chocolates in the bill.
They probably brought you multiple breadstick baskets too, right? Sweet sinning at its finest.

The person who decided gas prices should go below $2.50 a gallon!
You were really looking out for our bank accounts.

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