Sunday, February 22, 2015

20 Obvious Signs You’re A Tri Sigma

"To receive much, you must give much"

1. We appreciate the nautical theme a little bit more now.
2. We can’t give out stuffed animals for Big/Little. We do metal sailboats from Ross.
3. We all appreciate the fact we can make a sailboat with our hands.
4. We can make Sigmas as well.
5. We get irritated when people say “Tri Sig.”
6. Kids make a more significant impact on our life now because of our philanthropy.  
7. We are not EEE.
8. We get in the habit of saying “women” or "woman” not "girl(s)."
9. The date 4/20 has a different meaning to us.
10.Purple has probably become one of our favorite colors. 
11. We are always hoping to make an appearance in "The Triangle.”
12. We get so excited because we are a sister to Carrie Underwood.
13. We know what Sigma, Sigma, Sigma literally means.
14. We have many white dresses, but only one set of white shoes.
15. Our motto makes us feel like a thug.
16. Standards are not something we are sent too.
17. We feet a little bit more "strat" knowing Tri Sigma's jewel is a pearl.
18. We do things in threes.
19. We still use Barbie Dolls.
20. We sign all of our emails off with "S.L.A.M."

    Inspiration for this post was found here.


    1. #5, 15, and 16 are so true! Haha love it

    2. THIS IS GREAT! You had all of my sisters laughing! Keep up the great work!

    3. It's refreshing to see such happiness and kindness in this post! Enjoy the time with your sisterhood.

    4. I would share this on facebook, but it's too grammatically incorrect. Love, A Concerned Alumna/English Teacher

    5. Such an unrealistic account of being in a sorority, not just Tri Sigma. I, nor any of my sisters, think Tri Sigma's are "royal" and I definitely don't play with Barbie dolls. I, as well as many of my sisters, have been sent to standards. Tri Sigma's aren't perfect and we're not better than anyone else, as you insinuate here.

      1. I'm sorry you feel I depicted Tri sigmas in that way. This was something for my sisters to enjoy. We don't get sent to standards because we have Honor council. Standards are something we have for membership purposes only. This was a fun little post I did and I'm sorry it didn't tickle you the way it did a lot of other people

        If you are a sigma sister, you would know that we take a vow to respect and love our sisters. I do not encourage bringing them down. I understand constructive criticism but please take your negativity somewhere else.

      2. The article didn't say we play with Barbie Dolls but that we use them. Every chapter submits a Barbie dressed in the clothes of the time period when they are established. The collection is really cool. I just wanted to explain that one, because it is a cool fun fact that I think sometimes sisters forget about.

    6. I think that you all should remember that a blog isn't an english assignment. It is about expressing your thoughts and feelings... As for the other comment, maybe you should start playing with barbies... it'll take the stick out your butt.


      1. I think you should remember that every tweet, Facebook post, Instagram picture, and blog article we make represents our sorority whether we mention Tri Sigma specifically or not. If it is known that we are Sigmas, then everything we post represents Sigma. If we make grammatical errors and spell words incorrectly multiple times (especially in a post about our sorority), it reflects poorly only us as individuals and the sorority as a whole. It makes the author and other Sigmas look uneducated, whether we like it or not. The latter part of this comment is in extremely immature and in poor taste, and does not represent the Tri Sigma sisterhood of love and respect. Please consider how you're representing our sorority next time you want to make a comment about "taking a stick out of someone's butt."

      2. Dear sigma,

        Read her closing. It's TLAM. THETA. LOVE. AND. MINE.

        Now, relax and enjoy the post. Your comment is irrelevant.

      3. Actually, the comment is not irrelevant; It applies to any woman in any sorority. Side note: it's hard to enjoy a post with that confuses "your" and "you're" multiple times and fails to use commas in correct places.

        Someone who actually took her education seriously and will get a job, unlike like the author of this post

    7. A Tri sigma does not play with dolls. There is a doll (Barbie) used to represent each chapter at nationals. Its actually pretty cool.

    8. I was really enjoying this when I first began to I just feel really sad. Lighten up ladies or just sail on. Sigma Love Sisters.... please :)

    9. I just saw this on facebook! I think it is so cute and as a graduating sigma, it brings love and great memories to my heart.

      Always remember that a true sister will encourage another and will teach them with love, even if they are wrong. Keep up the great work.


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