Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Things I Say to My Dog But Not My Boyfriend

The love I have for both of these rugrats is unconditional, but how I show it is always a little different. Let's play a game of who I said what too, shall we?

"Hi BABYYYYYYYY! How are youuuuu?!"
I'm pretty sure Shanon would send me straight back outside and say "Try that again."

"Look at that fat belly!"
I'm not that cruel guys. And if you've ever seen her, she really is pudgy.

"I brought you a treat!"
I occasionally do sweet things for him like bring him cookies and chocolate. I'm a hopeless romantic.

"You drooled again"
Chewy can leave some little "snot circles" behind, and Shanon is just a deep sleeper. Its okay though, your'e still my #1 though ;)

"You're so picky."
Let's be real, have you ever met a dog that is picky about food? Shanon only eats something that has ketchup or marinara sauce on it.

"Awe, look at all those grey hairs."
I mean she's 12 years old, thats like 80 in dog years.

Sometimes I just cant with both of them, yenno?

"I miss you."
I do miss chewy, but I live with her, so she doesn't really give me the opportunity to miss her.

"Did you throw up on the carpet again?!"
Shanon is not that irresponsible. Chewy eats a lot of stuff she shouldn't anyways, refer up 3 lines and you will see why. 

"You're so cute! I'm so lucky to have you."
I'll never tell!

I hope some of you talk to your animals as much as I do. I don't know when I became so weird, nut its my little nest f life and I enjoy it.
Three cheers for the pup and bae for being put on blast like that! <3

1 comment:

  1. "You're so cute! I'm so lucky to have you."
    I'll never tell!

    Definitely goes to Chewy... :)


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