Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Why Dressing Up For Class Is Worth It

Ever wonder how that girl in your 8:30 am class always looks so well prepared, put together, and has an actual outfit on? Don't we all. Especially when wearing the messy bun and yoga pants for the third class in a row is so tempting. We should want to dress up for class though because every dawn brings a new day. This new day could be the start of something great.

Confidence will be restored in you. Let's face it. Theres something a little more promising about jeans and cardigans than baggy shirts and converse. Who knows ,if you're more confident in yourself maybe you'll be more confident on your test.

Your outfit probably correlates with your GPA. Those above average students look the part, and same goes for the below average. Unless your an outlier and focus way to much on your outfit that you "forget" to study, then you're throwing the whole distribution off.

You never know who you could meet. Taylor Lautner could be enrolling in your university right now! Hey, I live in Vegas, so I wouldn't rule out any hunk to come to my school.

Show off your character. You buy all these clothes and then never show them off. Your friends know how you dress because they see you on the weekends. Impress somebody different once in a while. It's refreshing when you get a compliment from someone you don't usually here from too.

Utilize your fashion freedom while you still can! Before you know it you'll be graduating and be forced to wear khakis everyday! It'll be business suits and casual Fridays from here on out.

Challenge yourself. What is the weather like? Is it cold, forcing you to wear layers? Good, break out your cute winter jacket and that fun scarf you always considered wearing but never found the energy to wrap around your neck.

You'll look more prepared if someone wants to take a picture with you. You might even (low key) like the picture!

I'm not saying to show up to your math lecture in your nightlife attire, but I am saying have a little pride in yourself. You will never be younger than in this moment. Utilize every opportunity you have with your closet, body, and energy to make the most of your days.

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