Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Under-Appreciated Things You Might Forget You Need to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse

I was talking to a friend the other day and I brought up how I heard a song on the radio; she looked so confused after I made that statement. "Who still listens to the radio?" Granted, I am an avid Pandora and Spotify listener myself but I do enjoy a good talk show every now and again. 

Radios still play a key role in society. When electricity goes out, the radio is ALL we have for information.

Naturally, this survival got me thinking about what are some other uncommon things people would forget to invest in if a situation, like the zombie apocalypse, were to actually occur. 

Under-Appreciated Things You Might Forget You Need to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse

A Radio: (Go figure) A TV is not going to help you. TVs run on electricity, which can be taken out so easily. A radio you can hear from all regions of the area.  Get yourself into a Wal-Mart and go buy yourself a clock radio, and a back up battery. 

2-way radios: Go get yourself a walkie-talkie set. Your cell phone will eventually die if the cell tower doesn't die before it. These are good for communication purposes when you have to separate. Don't get the cheap kind, you want the brands that can last up to a decent distance being apart.

A Leather jacket: I don't care if it's from the gap or Dior these are bite proof or at least bite resistant, this will also make for a good trade item down the road if necessary. Desperate times call for desperate measures. 

Water: If you think you're getting anywhere without this try again. Don't underestimate the power of a water bottle. Oh, and leave the monogrammed cup at home. 

Hand sanitizer: You're in for some messy times

You're comfortable shoes: A pair of shoes with laces and has an entire back to the product would be ideal. Last time I checked, anyone wearing flip-flops while running from a zombie did not get very far. 

A bandana: Zombies eat human flesh, and with America being the gates at country in the world, there will be a lot of flesh left over. No one wants to smell that. Wrap that guy around your face to save your nostrils.

Live strong bracelet: The guy who is making millions off of a thick rubber bands might have just saved your life. Remember that scene in spy kids two where Carmen's bracelet had 101 uses. That's what these live strong brackets are. Machete wonder bracelets for all of us!

What are some things you would need for survival? Comment below with your thoughts!

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