Thursday, December 8, 2016

12 Reasons It's OK To Be Single During The Holidays

"Seeing anyone special lately?" 
Yes Grandma, their name is cabernet
Don't stress, feel blessed! Cuffing season is among you but that's no reason to feel down about your relationship status. There are many reasons why being single throughout the holiday season is 110 percent acceptable... 

1) You don't have to share your holiday treats.

You do not have to face the pressure of sharing your box of Ferrero Rocher Fine Hazelnut Chocolates. They are all yours.

2) You also don't have to share your holiday drinks.


3) You get to watch “12 Dates of Christmas” as many times as you want

It's Netflix’s way of saying “We’ve got your back, we’re not going anywhere.”

4) You don't have to buy a significant other some sort of lavish gift.

You just saved a bunch of money on Christmas gifts by switching to single.
Walmart Single

5) You can take the money you save from buying a significant other a gift and buy yourself a gift.

On Dasher

6) Cuddling is overrated.

You know what no one ever complains about? Having the whole bed to themselves.

Sleeping Alone

7) You can listen to as much or as little holiday music as you like.

No need to accommodate anyone's Christmas spirit.

Christmas music

8) You can sit back and enjoy the Christmas themed Tinder pick-up lines.

"Shouldn't you be sitting on top of the tree, angel?" Yikes.


9) You only have to worry about accommodating one schedule.

It's ME o'clock.


10) You have complete say over what type of holiday card you are going to send.


11) You can do more important things this holiday season.

Like lay around in your Rudolph onesie, stalking people on Instagram, and drinking eggnog.


12) Get in shape... Or don't.

It’s sweater season. No one can tell anyway.
Wine Workout

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