20 Ways To Show You’re A Packer Fan Without Going To A Game

Green Bay fans are the most dedicated devotees when it comes to their team. The start of football season is like Christmas to them. Green Bay blood is passed down through generations. Once a Packer fan, always a Packer fan, even without ever attending a game. Green Bay fans do not need to be sitting front row of the playoffs to demonstrate their dedication. They do so in various other ways.

1. You yell at the TV as if the players can hear you 

because that is what you would be doing if you were at the game anyways

2. You might not be able to go to a game, but you have taken the Lambeau tour on multiple occasions

Yelling Go Pack, Go in an empty stadium is a moving moment.

3. Color coordinating your outfit to match your Green Bay accessories

Your fall colors are gold and green

4. Your unborn first born is already on the list for season tickets

It a good thing they can will those down.

5. You have thought about or actually was married at Lambeau Field.

Love at first down

6. You own a hat made of foam cheese

You also proudly daunt it at any Packer bar in your city

7. You probably bought someone else a hat made of foam cheese

8. You took a picture in those hats and had no problem blasting them all over the internet

9. Your den or garage is decked out in Packer memorabilia

A lot of it was passed down. Pack blood is thicker than water.

10. Along with your kitchenware

11.  Even your toast is a fan

Eat, Sleep and Breathe Green Bay Packers.

12. Your Christmas photo includes your favorite players

13. You know where all the Packer bars are in your town

14. You follow all your favorite players on social media

15. It will be a bye week, and you will still wear your Green Bay jersey

16. Along with your leggings

17. You have a love-hate-love relationship with Brett Farve

We all go off the deep end but eventually find our way back.

18.  Only Packers are allowed to leap

Don't even try to put LeRoy's leap to shame.

19. You've worn your jersey to church

Your pastor probably did too

20. You can be a part time owner