Thursday, July 13, 2017

I Wrote The Perfect Text Response To A "WYD" Text So You Don't Have To

3:00 a.m. hits and like clockwork your blank screen suddenly lights up. Maybe you're at home in bed being a child of God, or maybe you're still up watching Grey's Anatomy finishing your second bottle of wine. Regardless of what you're doing, that *ping* catches your ear and what's-his-name is flashing across it. You don't even need to read the text because you have a clear indication of what it says.


You have a couple of options at this point depending on the situation. You might be trying to drop him or catch his attention (maybe when the sun is out). Either way, he has probably wasted enough of your time so don't let him waste anymore. You can do this by utilizing this response.

For this to have the effect were going for you, have to wait until the morning to text him back.

You: "Sorry, was with friends and had a bit of a wild night."

TEXTING GOLD. Empowering, vague and just sweet enough for him not to warrant a name call back. I can already see the thought bubbles popping up. He's asking himself what was so crazy? What friends? From then on out you have to be committed to being vague. He doesn't know if your friends are your blankets and pillows.

You: "Existing."

This is a decent enough text because there are multiple meanings behind it. You know how us girls love saying one thing but meaning something completely different. This can come off sassy and playful or indirectly uninterested. Either way, you have put the ball back in his court again. If he wants something, make him say it.

You: "                                          " 

Savage You: *Read at 3:01 a.m.*

In case that doesn't fit your texting style, no response is still a response.  Maybe you don't want to hurt their feelings because you're not interested or you didn't think a response was warranted. If they're texting you at 3:00 a.m. that means no one else is texting them, including you.

Some work better with guys you just met while others work best with guys you’ve been dating for a little bit. My only solid form of advice is to not over analyze this situation. In most cases your first reaction is your correct one; follow through with that.

Comment below any other suggestions for dealing with these late night shenanigans.


  1. Reading this made me so glad to be past the days of getting 3:00 am booty calls! LOL Great responses, but the best is the last one, and it's so sad that we even have to worry bout getting a name call in return. I DO remember that part and it's so disturbing.

  2. This just goes to show how out of touch I am haha I had to google what wyd means! I am not even awake anywhere near this hour thank goodness, the joy of children :p

  3. 3 AM booty calls are the freaking worst, I had it a lot with guys in the past and it always did my nut in. I liked the comment about 'existing' LOL X

  4. Bahaha! This post makes me OH so happy that those days are in the past for me.


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