Pack Up: Here's 4 Cities In Washington Perfect For a Getaway

The US is a vast place with a lot to offer. There is the countryside, the rivers, possible mountains; it all contributes to an atmosphere that you're probably craving after days in the office. So, when you’re looking for a place to hole up for the weekend, where’s good to go?

TBH, You’re Gonna Want To Smear This Face Moisturizer All Over Your Body + A Summer Skin Giveaway

used to get Ipsy bags every month. I loved them. It was a little unexpected treat every month. I've recently canceled my subscription because I realized that ALL of my bathroom drawers were filled with products I never used. Not that I didn’t like them, I honestly just forgot about them. I got the bag, checked out what goodies came inside, and chucked them in the drawer. I should’ve realized there was a problem when I was three drawers deep yet somehow I found myself cleaning out all of my bathroom drawers of unused Ipsy products. I canceled my subscription right then and there because I clearly didn’t have a need (or room) for more. I'm glad something in me finally said: “ Hey, you should probably clean out your bathroom drawers so you don’t have so much crap sitting on your counter.” What a concept, subconscious!

Las Vegas Brunch Spots For The Hungover

Okay, clearly hiking isn't on your morning agenda today. The only thing that will be climbing is your appetite. I know research says don't eat greasy foods because your body is dehydrated, but you do need to eat something at some point. Pick your battle for either a banana or a greasy-ass breakfast sandwich and move on. If you're like me, you'll choose the latter because you don't care as long as you get something into your stomach. 

4 Tricks to Surviving Middle Seat Airline Blues

First off, I thought about naming my blog “Adventures From the Middle Seat” when I first began my blogging habits because I wanted to write a travel blog for the longest and could only ever afford the cheapest option to get me to where I wanted to go. Often times, thst put me in the middle seat, thus you have “Adventures From the Middle Seat.” But my niche expands beyond travel blogging, so we’re sticking to Daily Cup of JoJo.

Las Vegas Brunch Spots For The Indecisive

Image by @VegasByTheBite
I hate when you're craving something but you just can't figure out where to go. Do you want casual and comfortable like someplace you frequent all the time? Are you in the mood for some different flavors? What about a restaurant that caters to all types of palettes? I think this is your most opportune time to capitalize on any cravings. In Las Vegas, there are an unimaginable amount of fun food fusions to try ranging from Jamaican and Hawaiian or something as simple as a classic French twist to a modern meal.

7 Ways To Start Living Your Best Life

It sounds like the ultimate cliché, but it’s incredibly real. Life is short. This is not a rehearsal. You don’t just get to buzz through life and then go back and change the things you don’t feel worked out. We only get one shot at this, so you do need to be sure that you are living your life to the fullest. This isn’t meant to sound cheesy but thinks about it. You only get one go at being on this earth, so don’t you want to be able to enjoy it to the max?

Las Vegas Brunch Spots For Liquid Dieters

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Let's not dodge from the fact that when most people brunch they're brunching for the juices. Whether that is a smoothie, pressed juice, coffee, or lattes. Juices are a prime flavoring in the meal prep of brunch. Add a little pop of natural color to your morning with a freshly pressed juice or acai bowl. 
Those of you indulging in a liquid brunch diet should listen up because have we got some hot spots for you to dish into.

3 Books Every Girl Should Read That Vibes With "Block His Number And Enjoy Your Summer"

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Let me start this off by telling you about me. I am an educated 24-year-old with a great start to my career, strong family support, fantastic and fun-loving friends and complete confidence in who I am. I associate with the millennial culture in more aspects than I am willing to admit, I struggle with my sense of beliefs and find myself questioning if I am too old or too young to be doing something meaningful with my life. Alongside that, I am a people pleaser with a tendency to suffer in silence.

Las Vegas Brunch Spots For The Timeless

With a long weekend ahead of us, it will be a great time to catch up with some friends and family. When time and company is on your side and no one is in a rush, you can sit back and really dive into some meaningful conversations with a beautiful setting. Take some time to reflect on those who died serving our country and really capitalize on cherishing your moments with loved ones around you. 

Las Vegas Brunch Spot For The Baller On a Budget

Nothing is better than having brunch on a Sunday morning (afternoon?) but you just paid rent and only have about $10 in your pocket. Restaurants can become daunting with their towering seafood structures and tableside omelet service. Don't lose hope though. There are still a plethora of options for you to treat yourself too. Don't spend a fortune and dine in one of these fabulous frugal finds scattered throughout Las Vegas. 

A Complete Guide To Getting The Most Out Of Your American Adventures

Sometimes I don’t think I give America enough credit. I always catch myself fantasizing about country hopping in Europe. I would stay in Paris for the night, then maybe border hop to Germany and make my way towards Croatia after that. I feel like there are so many diverse areas in Europe, which I forget America is just as incredibly diverse.  Each state is an entirely different experience.  From the city skylines of New York to the deserts of sweet home Nevada to the rural countryside of Kansas. You have places with sunny beaches and others with snow-capped mountains; there are bustling cities and small towns with so much to see and do that I’d struggle to fit it all in in one lifetime.. 

Couples Getaway? The Ideal States To Do It In

First I’d like to clarify that this is not a post about which states to “do it” in. This is a post about which states to travel to but I had to get you to my little corner of the internet somehow.

I’ve been in a real nostalgic travel mood lately and I think it’s because ya girl NEEDS A VACATION. I have a very heavy travel schedule for the middle part of the year but it has been killing me to wait for those trips. So since I’m not traveling currently, I might as well write about it.

I Got Rid Of My Alarm Clock And Started Using This App

I've come to the conclusion I do not like alarm clocks. They are the freaking worst. This is 2018 for crying out loud. Why are we still waking up to an obnoxious BEEP BEEP BEEP sound that doesn't start anybody's day off right? It's been more annoying because I'll hit snooze 14 times before I actually move. Waking up on the right side of the bed is so, so important for a productive day and it just WAS NOT happening with my alarm clock. I've recently retired my alarm clock and found a better and more energizing way to get my day started.

Las Vegas Brunch Spots For The Bougie Bruncher

Brunch is the most important meal of the day, and you want to give it the respect it deserves. These bougie brunch spots are a perfect tie into this brunch series with Mothers Day being tomorrow. Did you buy her a gift? I didn't give you much notice, but that's also not my job haha. You're in luck though. If you didn't buy her a little something, you could treat your mama to some eggs Benedict and luscious pancakes, AKA the finer things in life at these bougie brunch spots. Toast to the most important woman in your life. They will have your mom feeling like the queen she is. Be prepared to spend a pretty penny at these high-end brunch spots with a LOT of menu options. Be sure to call ahead and make a reservation and also ask about Mother's Day specials! 

How To Make Your Favorite Junk Foods Healthy

Eating healthy shouldn’t mean having to give up all your favorite foods. There are lots of ways to continue eating junk foods like burgers and pizzas simply by substituting some of the ingredients with healthy alternatives. Granted, Gummy Bears and fun sweets like that, I can’t necessarily help you with. That’s a battle you have to decide if you want to put up a fight but I can try to ease the pain of some of those greasy foods that make our tummies feel so satisfied.

The Power of Food And Drink Pairings

I’ve never really given much thought to why foods are paired the way they are but it just makes sense. Burgers and fries, bacon and eggs, fish and chips.  There’s something baked into the crust of how we perceive foods that makes us want to pair them. When it comes to pairing foods with one another (or, my personal preference, pairing them with a beer or wine) we tend to think about how the textures, tastes, and compositions will complement one another.

Work Hard Brunch Harder: Your Las Vegas Brunch Series

When I first started my blog, I really wanted it to capitalize on my Vegas Born nature and offer up a plethora of ‘How To Vegas’ guides where I talked about my favorite recommendations for things to see, do and eat here in this rapidly growing valley I call home. I’m always looking for recommendations and love to give them as well. That’s what makes this community so special. We thrive off of one another. Vegas is the party capital of the world but what tags along with party? Brunching!

An Instagram Caption Gone Rogue

Hi, just a reminder to do things that make you happy + spend time with people that make you happy + go the places that make you happy. Life’s too short to not fill it with things that make you happy. Okay, bye.

Quick, Easy & Healthy Lunch Hacks Perfect For Those Busy Days

I want to let you in on a little secret. Ready? I am the WORST, absolute worst at meal prepping. It is a non-existent lifestyle in my book, but everyone and their mother on Instagram seem to be meal-prepping royalty. Have you seen this new trend about organized refrigerators? I’ve seen a whole bunch of “meal prep fridges” on social media and, I swear, if organized refrigerators become a trend I’m giving up on all things because no way can I compete with that kind of level of house care. 

Sweet Treats To Make This Spring When You're Too Poor To Go Out

In the Springtime we all seem to develop a craving for sweet things. Or if you’re me, it doesn’t matter what time of year it is. There is nothing more satisfying than reaching for an ice cream cone in 95-degree weather! In some places, that is considered summer, but in Vegas, 95 is a beautiful Spring day. 

Tea Is So Delightful And Here's Why

Many of us are absolute coffee addicts. We need a cup to get going in the morning, and we look forward to energy-boosting coffee breaks throughout the day. But, tea is becoming an increasingly popular alternative when it comes to hot drinks. I know, now that it's getting hot it makes TOTAL sense for me to be talking about hot beverages, right?

Finding 10 Minutes In The Day For Yourself When You JUST Don't Have Time

Is your life extremely busy? Are you always working, commuting or running around after kids? Do you spend all of your spare time taking care of your partner, children or other family members? Are you always offering your time to those that need it? This is great. It’s awesome looking after people, it can make a very real difference to people’s lives and can keep your home life going. But, taking a little time for yourself is essential if you want to keep going for everyone else.

5 Of Your Morning Essentials If You Actually Want To Achieve Anything Today

Are you a morning person?

Don’t worry if you’re not. Most people are naturally intermediate risers to night owls until they grow older – I’m talking retirement age – and the body clock switches to early bird. I’m a grandma at heart because of my internal clock ticks on at 6:00 a.m. almost daily. 8:30a.m. is me sleeping in. Most people are not naturally effective in the morning. Ask anybody in the office how they feel first thing in the morning. Death and Zombie are the first to come to my mind, but society being what it is, you often don’t have a choice and have to follow the early riser’s pace if you want to actually keep your job. Nevertheless, there are some tips you can apply to help your mind and body hit the ground running in the morning.

11 Things You're Probably Shouting While Watching The Golden Knights This Playoff Season

Image Source: Review-Journal

Last night the Golden Knights won the 1st playoff game they've ever played in their 1st year of existence. That’s freaking rad! The Vegas Golden Knights are baffling hockey fans everywhere with their inaugural season. A year ago, sports broadcasters were whistling a different tune as many predicted the Vegas team would be one of the worst teams in the league. Well in Vegas, the house always wins and the house is here to cash out that Stanley Cup. In the spirit of playoff season, here are ten phrases you probably have or will shout while watching the Golden Knights kill it in the playoffs. 

A Shortened List of Super Foods To Add To Your Diet When You’re Presented With An Atrocious Amount Of Options

Ever been stuck in that rut of weight loss or fitness goals that you just can’t seem to get passed? Same. I’ve been trying to fit back into my Lucky Jeans Lolita Skinny’s from two years ago and I just can’t seem to get the booty into them jeans. I had to ask myself, WHAT GIVES?!

I Got A Brazilian Wax And Now I'm Never Shaving Again

Summer is on its way in which means hair is on its way out. We can only hibernate for so long until the bikini HAS to make an appearance. I'm still trying to figure out why our bodies produce so much hair in all these uncomfortable places. Like, come on, the hooha area, seriously? I'd like to share my complaints with the big man upstairs, but until then, it's an issue us ladies all have to deal with.

In-Flight Essentials: My Personal Item Necessities

I tend to do a lot of flying. Big long flight hauls that can take up to 24 hours or those mini flights that are under an hour. It never fails though I tend always to bring the same stuff. I’m not sure if it’s some inner-superstitious ritual that hasn’t come to the surface for flying or if I like to stick to patterns.

The Cheaters Guide to Rocking a Hangover

Okay, so, you drank a lot. No shame, but now it's time to pay up because your body is so not thriving right now. You would rather eat peanut butter off a homeless man's foot than go to work today. What are your options?

Breaking Bad Habits Before They Break You

This post may contain affiliate links.

If you have any bad habits, then congratulations, it's been confirmed you’re a human.  You will also know first hand that they can take over your life, and prohibit you from doing all the things that you want to get done. Often we see that they are wrong for us, but they are hard to eliminate from our lives.

“Why don’t you stop?” These habits can ring deeper than that. These habits can also range from smoking and drinking to biting your nails and disrupting your sleeping pattern.

The 'Girls' Guide To Your New York Weekend

If you’re a woman in your twenties, the chances are you've seen Lena Dunham’s ‘Girls.’ It’s essentially a prerequisite for any woman trying to find her way in the world. A story of four girls trying to make their way in New York, Hannah, specifically, has been cut off financially from her parents, became a writer, and is constantly making unfortunate decisions. Thriving. It’s no wonder that many of us experience the urge to visit New York with our best friends after watching. Don’t we all want to be like the ‘Girls’ girls?

500 Words On Perfection and the Pressure of Social Media

When you wake up in the morning, what’s the first thing you do?
Some of you probably stretch, open your eyes, hit your alarm to the snooze position (maybe too many times) and then the next most common thing to do is check your phone. I mean why not? You’ve been out of contact with your friends for hours. Think about how many years that is in dog years.

I Tried Starbucks' Crystal Ball Frappuccino, So You Don't Have To

If you haven't seen Starbuck's new Drink debut, The Crystal Ball Frappuccino, you will. Available for the next 4 days (March 22 - 26), this peach infused Frappuccino is designed to tell your future. I'm sure psychics everywhere are flipping their lids about it. I know I am.

Vacation and Education Rhyme For A Reason And This Is It

You know in college when you would cram for midterms and remember what you needed to remember to pass the test but forgot it the minute the test was over? That's not learning. That's surviving. When you’re learning something new, your brain goes into a unique state, making it much easier to keep information and memories fresh. This is great for helping you to soak up the information you're receiving and it also has some very big benefits elsewhere in your education. Giving you the chance to better capture memories of the whole event, learning can be a great tool to use when you’re trying to keep a vacation fresh in your mind. But, what exactly can you do while you’re away which will count as learning?

What Style Countertop You Should Get Based On Your Personality

Image: Houzz

It's almost springtime ladies and gentlemen, so that means the Spring cleaning bug is going to start biting some of us. That front hall closet needs to be cleaned out, the patio furniture will have to be washed off, and that countertop that has managed to pass by three spring seasons without getting repaired will need some attention. The list goes on so I think prioritizing is what needs to happen here.

Your Frequently Asked Blogging Questions Have Been Heard And Answered!

I frequently get DMs and emails asking questions about my blog, and it makes me feel so good about Daily Cup of JoJo when I see people interacting with my website. I love chatting and will always respond to you. I always see bloggers do FAQ's and I would still think to myself, I'll never have to post one, but here I am thinking it might be something y'all will enjoy reading! Thanks to you I feel my Frequently Asked Blogger Questions (FABQ) is semi-necessary now, so, without further ado...

Cómo Disfrutar En España!

I hope this title caught your attention because it was in Spanish and most of you know I don't speak a LICK of Español. I totally had to google the title. Beyond that though, Spain is a beautiful country, and if you ever get the chance to visit grab it with both hands. Before you travel through, it can help to know a little about the areas and cultures you are going to experience before you get there. With that in mind check out my easy guide below on how to enjoy Spain, or as the Spanish would say Cómo disfrutar en España! I had to google that again but I'm really trying here, friends.

Check Your Suitcase, Not Your Bank Account

Thinking you want to go on a vacation is one thing, but actually having the money to do so is another. Trips just seem to be so damn expensive nowadays; with good reason.  If you’re a millennial with a passport and an iPhone your probably the reason why flight prices keep going up (guilty). There is absolutely nothing wrong with that though. I think if you can explore the world now, do it. Don’t wait for retirement, because you never know if retirement will wait for you. 

It's Still Winter But Summer Isn't Waiting: Plan Your Summer Body Now

Well, it finally snowed in Vegas so I’m glad winter decided to show up. Better late than never I suppose.

Have you fallen short of their fitness goals.I know I have. Summer seems like an age away, but has a habit of creeping up on all of us. If you harbor thoughts of looking amazing this summer in your swimsuit, now’s the time to start planning, especially because I just saw a sign that said the beach club opens on March 2nd. Ignore the fact that we had to clear the car snow and ice from our windshields this morning and dust off your sneakers friends. It’s beach body prep time, because apparently, we have a week according to industry standards. Yikes.

5 Reasons to Try New Food While Traveling

As if you needed a reason to try new foods. You know that saying “You either live to eat or eat to live.” I’m going to let you guess which category I fall into.  One of the great joys of traveling is the opportunity to try new things, and if you are not sampling the local cuisine of the country that you are visiting, you are missing out on a huge part of their culture. You’re also really disappointing any foodie out there. Even if you are a picky eater you need to at least sample dishes that you’re unfamiliar with. You cant go on eating chicken and French fries your whole life. I mean you can, but you shouldn’t.  If you needed any more convincing, I have a small but might list of reasons why you need to culture your taste buds.

I Stopped Sleeping With Electronics In My Room And This Is What Happened

I never realized how many electronics I have in my room until I decided to take them all out. I removed my laptop and chargers, all of my phone cords, and iPad tag alongs. Then I started to remove everything that had a plug and realized that was a little excessive. I excluded various electronics but kept my alarm clock, and my lamp securely plugged into my wall. I have two things using outlet electricity in my room and none of the things using WiFi. They have all been moved into a closet or reside in my living room.

Packing 101: Essential Tips For Travelers

From packing your bags to dealing with security officers at airport checkpoints, your luggage can be the source of a lot of stress. We’ve all come across the same luggage struggles. We cant fit our fourth pair of shoes or our live eels in our carry-on and we become so overwhelmed with all of the nonsense it takes to travel. NO MORE. Groundbreaking advice has just made it's way across your screen. 

Galentine's Day GIVEAWAY

Hello Guys and Gals and Happy Galentines Day!

I'm so glad you could make it to my little corner of the Internet today. Today is a special day for all gal-pals everywhere because according to Parks & Rec's, Lelslie Knope "It's only the best day of the year. Every February 13th, my lady friends and I leave our husbands and our boyfriends at home, and we just come and kick it, breakfast-style. Ladies celebrating ladies. It's like Lilith Fair, minus the angst. Plus frittatas."