If I owned an ice cream shop

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

If I were to own an ice cream cafe, I'd call it JOJOs Ice Cream Cafe. I'd have many flavors, and each scoop would be named a "Jo." For example, if you wanted a single scoop you would say "Yeah, can I get a chocolaty chip, Jo?" For a double scoop, it would go like "I'll take a Red Velvet JoJo." Then three scoops would be called a Tri-Jo or (Try-Jo) and four scoops would be called a Quad-Jo, almost like Quadro in Spanish. 

I'd have soda jerks, and sell candy from the "good 'ol days." I imagine it'd be a very hipster spot. I might even make it part internet cafe. The thought of owning my ice cream cafe has become more and more prominent in my life. I don't have any desire to come up with my recipe for ice cream or anything like that. I just want to be the creative mind behind JOJOs Ice Cream Cafe. 

Stay Tuned for an idealistic menu. ;)

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