You Made it Poor, Now Make it Rain

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Is your wallet housing flies? Does the economy have you down? Jobs are tough and finding one is tougher. How is anyone supposed to save money when they’re constantly spending it? As a frugal spender, I am a frequent rider on the money struggle bus.  Semi-annual sales hang in my face and my wallet just sighs with despair. Here are some odd ball ways to save your pennies and dollars to start adding zeros to your bank account.

1.  52 week money challenge: Get a jar, decorate it and make it all cute and stuff so you see it every day. Choose a day out of the week to put money in the jar correlating with the week it is in the year. Week one put $1 in the jar week 2 put $2 in the jar, etc. By the end of the year (if you don’t skimp) you should have accumulated $1,378!

2. Borrow and save: Every time you get a book from the library, deposit half the cost of the book 

3. Pay for your laundry: Drop a quarter, dollar or amount of your choosing into a jar every time you use your washing machine.

4. Singles Club: Try to only carry $5 or $10 dollar bills in your wallet and put all your $1’s into a savings jar (that you’ve made all cute and stuff so you see it) at the end of each day. Every Friday, deposit the dollar bills into your savings account or in a fund with a specific goal. Its more interesting if you don’t count it either.
5. Tip yourself: If you go out to eat, tip yourself the same amount as you tip your waiter.

Five dollar bill
6. Collect K’s: Each bill has a letter printed on it. I know you’ve probably never noticed but if you look at them they have either an “L,” “J,” or “B” etc on the left hand upper corner. Save all of the bills that have a “K” on them.

7. Every pack of gum or small tidbits you buy pay with a dollar and throw the change in a jar once you get home. NEVER PAY EXACT CHANGE , always round up. 

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