Got Milk?

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Recently, I stopped by a bakery called The Corner Bakery Cafe and ordered a Truffle Hot Chocolate. While was ordering the barista asked me what kind I milk I wanted and began listing off skim, whole, half&half, etc. throwing me off guard because I usually don't have to choose a milk for my hot chocolate I quickly chose half&half because it was the only thing that came to mind. I later found out that I ordered one of the most fattening and calorie filled types of milk because of my ignorance on milk. So here's a guide on choosing the proper kind of milk to fit your fancy. 

In order from worst in calories but best in taste to best in calories and mediocre in taste. 

1. Cream- half of this is pure FAT (50%) might as well get a bowl of ice cream
2. Heavy cream- 38% fat, a third of your drink is all FAT
3. Whipping Cream- 35% fat, tastes delicious but is partially fat sitting on too of your drink :D
            -there is also light whipping cream which is more so found in homemade options but that is 30% fat
4. Light cream- what is light cream anyways? Marshmallows? Whatever it is it's a mere 20% in fat content
5. Half and half- 12% fat, it's half cream half milk but full flavor
6. Whole milk- 3% milk fat 8% milk solids. Half of it's calories are from fat. Usually only for small children
7. 2% milk- this is the standard milk and (maybe you can guess it) it's 2% milk fat! It's a reduced fat milk meaning it's watered down
8. 1% milk- it's a LOW fat milk that only contains 1% milk and 23% of the calories come from fat. Good compromise but not the real deal in my opinion. Just go for the 2%
9. Skim milk- AKA NONFAT milk, has half the calories and less than 5% of the calories are from fat. Literally it flavored water but a fantastic alternative for frappes of any sort! 

With credit to The Dairy Council and this article is fully researched. I hope the next time you order a coffee drink of some sort this guide will help you decide on what kind of guilt you want with you for the rest of the day! 

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