215 Rant

Monday, July 21, 2014

Let's talk about the 215...
It's 5:30 on a Monday evening, what do you picture?  Cars? The wind? The nice A/C? The guy you're about to brake check?

....OOOORRRRRRRRR maybe it's he fact that it's a parking lot Every. Single. Evening. And I've come to the conclusion it's because of cops.

I'm not one of those people that hunks cops are bad. I genuinely appreciate there existence more than I condone it, but there are some irritating factors that really get me. 

Let's talk about the fact that the 215 just opened a FOURTH lane from pecos to the I-15 exit. There is nooooo reason there should be traffic in that area. But yet everyday I drive home and all I see are brake lights. And everyday still I sit in the left lane (AKA the fast lane) and go maybe 8 mph. 

Now let's talk about the I-15 ramp, on and off. A lot of cars do exit the free way but not as many as those that COME ON THE FREEWAY. As I'm driving I get past the 1-15 exit and come across like 2x the amount of cars coming on that just got off, so naturally the Decatur exit gets backed up.
Sooooo why in the heck do cops think it's a wise idea to pull people over right after the Decatur exit!!!???? 
People driving by are already stuck in traffic, let's create more of a distraction with bright flashing lights so we can all be here longer! Like what? That makes noooo sense! 

No one even has a chance to get a speeding ticket because at opportunity need arises since we can only go 8 mph! 

Seriously, police you are causing traffic, or if you're not causing it you're certainly adding to it. Try monitoring a little furthere away from the I-15 ramp next time. Pleaseeeeeee

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