SCRATCH CARDS: The secret in two easy steps

Tuesday, July 1, 2014


I think I’ve got them figured out, at least partially. I’m not saying I can get you to the ACTUAL lottery but I might be able to make you a couple bucks richer.

Step 1: Pick out a lottery ticket that has a “QuickSpot” money maker ONLY BUY 1!

Step 2: Scratch off the quick spot number. And see what number it reveals, that should reveal the number in order you are until you hit the quick spot prize. For example, let’s say you picked up a scratch card that is a $25 quick spot and you scratched off number 16. This means that you should buy 9 more of that same scratch card because by then (if they’re in order as they were printed which they should be because they’re torn off from a roll) you should be at number 25 and win the $25 quick spot.


ADVICE: If you do happen to buy card with a $25 quick spot and you have received a number above 25 I would not waste your time because you don’t know how far the numbers go up. I would assume up to 50 but I am no expert.

 TIP: Since youre going to be buying more anyways with a pretty much "guranteed" chance of winning you might also up your winnings more because youre buying more lotto tickets!

*DISCLAIMER* This method is not fool proof and will not guarantee you a raise in your wallet, but what other method do you really have to go off of besides your “lucky genes.”

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