Texting/Make-up/Music Fiddeling/Eating/Reading and Driving

Monday, July 28, 2014

Let's be honest, we all try to find that perfect song on our iPod, send a quick text (some longer than others) to a friend, or eat our breakfast, and I have even seen someone using a calculator while driving. This day in age it is hard for humans to sit still and focus on one task at hand. We lead busy lifestyles and sometimes it works for us but sometimes it can be devastating.

There are people out there who will die before they take any ounce of focus off of driving while in a vehicle. They sit there in their washed up mini-van or 4-door sedan and judge anybody and everybody about how they're "doing something else besides driving." Even at stoplights it bothers them that their eyes are not 100% dedicated to the road. I get it. I really do. It's a generation gap or how you were raised, maybe even personal experience. I have a message for those people, when we take one hand off the wheel to fix the air conditioning or take a bite of our sandwich, most people, most of the time, consider the dangers of doing so. Sometimes it becomes second nature and we just do it but for the most part it is sitting in the back of our heads that we need to be careful if only 70% of our attention is on the road. 

This is an issue id like to address because those people that are die-hard focused drivers will do anything to get your attention to get you to fix your own eyes on the road. I've seen people roll down their windows and shout, or mock your action, exaggeratedly, until they get your attention, or lay down on their horn. It is childish and not a mature way to get someones attention. If it bothers you SOOO much and you MUST get that drivers attention, try to get their attention more subtly and in a less dramatic manner.

So, here is my theory:
The people that become enraged by other's driving and make a big deal about it are risking just as much, if not more as the person they are trying to "save." Yes, you think you're doing something good by getting someone else to pay more attention to the road than their eyelashes but you are causing a ruckus on the road as well. Your eyes have just diverted from the road to their problematic car and now there is potential for you to swerve out of your lane and cause an accident. Have fun explaining that to the police.

You're both not in the right or wrong.  
1. Someone is putting others at risk because he/she wants to fix their hair, read their text, or tie their show while driving.
2. Someone is putting others at risk because he/she wants to feel like a good citizen and fix the issue, WHILE DRIVING.

Were all wrong because yes I think we should be attentive to the road. 
Should you wait to text? Yes
Should you eat before you leave? Probably. 
Should you do your math homework behind the wheel because its due in an hour? No, and that's your own fault for procrastinating that long.

People are going to do what they want to do behind the wheel. As long as you are a driver are cautious about what the other drivers around you are doing, you should be okay, or at least have a better safety rating.


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