The Right Necklace for your Neckline

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Chunky necklaces, long necklaces, simple ones, or none; there are so many options for accessories around your neck. The hardest part is deciding which one to wear with a type of top. You don't want it to look bare but you don't want too much going on it becomes over dramatic! Here's your how to guide on Choosing a Necklace

Off-Shoulder: This is an asymmetric shirt and should have a sprawled out the shorter necklace to accompany the bare skin left from your "shoulder shrug." Keep the chain high, up close to your neck though.
Strapless: This neckline is a little bit more flexible. I suggest a shorter chunky necklace, almost choker style if paired with a plain strapless shirt or maybe a simple long necklace with a simple short necklace if the shirt has a pattern on it.

Button-up Collar Shirt: Buttons are cute so don't take away from them. Choose a shorter simple pendant. You want shorter because you don't want a long necklace getting tangled in your buttons or colors mixing.

Scale of Necklaces - Bust Size
Scoop: These necklines are more difficult because it depends on how much attention you want to draw to your neckline. See the above image for more details on the type of necklace you should wear according to your bust size according to Inside Out Style. A lot of volumes is necessary for a scoop neck since it does show more skin.

Crew: The crew neck is right on your neck, you should also have a necklace right at your neck to meet that skin/shirt contact. Try a collar necklace or even a collar with a long elegant necklace to spice up your crew neck. Nothing super busy.

Turtleneck: Turtle necks should ALWAYS be worn with a long necklace. There is way too much going on at the top of your neck for you to draw even more attention up top. Something long and class, a lovely pendant is a good way to go.

Sweetheart: The sweetheart forms a natural dip in the seaming so your necklace choice should follow that pattern. Find something that creates a point in the necklace to accent that curve in the shirt.

Cowl: This neckline doesn't require a necklace. The illusion is there with the bunching of the shirt. Try some LONG dangling earrings for a jewelry spice up.

Boat Neck:  This requires long beads. A boat neck accentuates your collar bones, don't take away from that. Try a beaded long necklace, something that is simple on top and becomes more dramatic past the neckline.

V-Neck:This ever popular neckline type requires the same kind of necklace as the neckline. Buy a V shaped necklace. Something that can be as busy or simple as you want that meets in a point at the end.

Squared Off Neckline: A shirt that has a squared top should consist of a short or long necklace that includes shapes and angular pendants. You have straps so stay away from anything that sprawls out too much and keeps the necklace simple but the pendant bigger and full of shapes.

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