Tipping Tiff

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Here's my "tiff" on tipping. 

Most of you are going to read this and think I'm not a good tipper but I am it's just a concept I don't understand. Why am I paying you extra to do your job? Waiters, manicurists, bar tenders, house keepers, etc all are services that are considered "tipping" services. What makes their job so special that they get tipped but jewelry clerks, Apple tech assistants, shoe associates, or yoga instructors do not. 

The first excuse is "they make less hourly so tips make up for it."  
Okay, the federal law has a federal minimum wage for a reason. States law have the opportunity to make their minimum more for heir citizen if desired, but essentially there is a minimum a worker must be paid. Tipping contracts, credits and being tipped out literally has no reason to exist if people didn't tip! A waiter makes minimum wage, and a sales associate makes minimum wage but one of them doesn't get tipped just because of their job description. Is it because there is not as much interaction with a customer that they don't need to be tipped? Or has society just decided what's good enough to be tipped and what's not and everyone else just follows the trend.

The next excuse is "they're providing a service." So are a lot of other people. Manicurists give you a product while providing a service, a new set of nails. Technicians are the reason you walked out of the local Best Buy with an iPad but no one is tipping their services. 

I tip because society tells me I should and I want the worker to know they did a good job, but I also want the real estate agent, the dog walker, and the Taco Bell drive through employee to know they did a good job too. I would love to tip everybody, but let's be real we're all ballin' on a budget and don't have the money always to give out a tip. 
All I'm saying is if no one tipped it would be even and all services would be fair. You're already being paid to do you job yet Im expected (as a customer) to give you more. Why can't everyone just leave a comment card or nothing at all explaining heir service for the day. Why does it always have to be money? 

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