What Does Your Purse Say About You?

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Whether you have a fanny pack, side sling, or handmade purse you are making a statement by wearing it.  Women come in all different shapes and sizes and so do their purses. We change our purses often, along with the contents in them. Did you know that most often people make judgments about you based on your accessories? Let’s see what your purse has to reveal about you.
1. Let’s start with the wristlet—this says you don’t like to be tied down to anything. You’ve got your phone and your money and you’re ready for anything.  But you like that sense of security knowing it's trapped around your wrist because you have a tendency to lose things. Typically these are worn with high heels and found in the lost and found at a night club, but still very practical.
2. Next, are the sophisticated tote bags, (we’ll get to the grocery bag ones later)— It’s a large double handled and open-top/open compartment bag that can be worn on the shoulders or forearms. This says hey I am very serious about my career and I probably have my laptop and/or iPad with me right now, which is why I need this big of a purse. Basically, I am a walking office. You can bet I have the matching wallet too.

3. The fanny pack- A compartment strapped to a belt and buckled at the waist and also brought back from the 1970s; unless you are going to a music festival concert this kind of might make people think you’re living in the past. This says hey I’m a tourist and please point me in the wrong direction.

4. The clutch (strap free)- this demonstrates a lot of bravery and trust! You’re willingly going out into the world with your life in a file.  There is nothing attaching you to your purse except for your own grip. That’s a dedication for a night out on the town. They complete a classy look even when you can’t remember where you set it down.

5. The messenger bag—acquires a long strap to be worn across the body and usually has a flap to the open compartment.  This says I enjoy having my valuables with me, but I also don’t want to worry about them so I let them swing freely next to my hip, also a pick-pocketers favorite!

6. The Canvas tote bag- these you can pick up for about $2.99 at any convenience store and usually has some witty saying on it and can often be found in an off white color. There’s not much to be said except for you are 14 and on your way to being a soccer mom.  Thanks for playing.

7.  The brief case-  a typical filing system in a bag, often used by men. NO. There is nothing to be said except get yourself a nice Michael Kors bag that will hold all of your “important documents.” (See  sophisticated tote bags)

8. The Baguette purse—it’s of a rectangular shape with one short strap that can be worn over the shoulder.  Typically found in the clearance section at Ross. They do a good job at giving off the illusion you’re not carrying a bunch of stuff when you really are. Secretly, they say you’re a hoarder.

9. Coming at the end here we have the Satchel— there is a top closure, top carry handle with a flat bottom, more modern ones have two top carry handles and are more rounded. This says you must work out if you can carry a bag that big on your forearm for more than 4 hours a day unless that is your workout…? Often this is paired with a set of aviator sunglasses and chains as handles. Shackling!

10. Lastly, we have the hobo bag- large, often shoulder carried with a big bottomless pit as the main compartment. For a while these gave off the bohemian look, now this purse says exactly what it’s called. This says you’re carrying everything with you because you’re actually running away from home, in style though because they are offered in fun colors!

I hope this has given you some insight as to what your purse really says about you. Not a lot of women think about how they might be appearing to someone else through their handbag.... then again a lot of women just don't care. Don't care about what others think, care about what you think. 

***This is just a fun sarcastic article that really has no actual proof in the matter, take it lightly, and read with an open mind****

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