Attack Your Breath, or It Attacks Back

Lately, I've been dealing with a lot of different people. These different people eat different foods, and these different foods create different smells in one's mouth. Yep, I'm talking about breath. Some are tolerable; some just needs a taste bud doctor because it burns. I've figured out a couple of things as to why people's breath does smell and what can be done to prevent it. Yes brushing your teeth is crucial and should not be skipped out on, EVER, but there are much more things people should consider.

Always, always, always brush your teeth before you go to bed. 

What'd you eat for dinner tonight? Whatever it was, it will be circulating in your mouth at night (morning breath.) BRUSH YOUR TEETH BEFORE BED. I don't care how pointless you think it is; it will help you in the long run.

DO's and DONT's for toothpaste:

DO: use toothpaste that has some MINT flavoring in it.It lasts longer and masks more smell. I don't care if it is whitening, cavity defense, or an all in one. Think MINT. Think WHITE or GREEN (preferably) blue is not as intense usually, but that is a personal preference. Colgate is my number one choice; Crest is second on that list.


DON'T: Use any toothpaste with swirls of color in them. Just don't, it is a recipe for disaster.  Unless those colors are white and green, I better not see any twisting. Stay away from purples, yellows, off-whites and ESPECIALLY reds. Cinnamon, bubblegum, or fruity stuff is not your friend. And neither are those red white and blue swirled toothpaste. Like the Aquafresh brand, you can get at the dollar store, no, don't even look at it. 

Use a soft toothbrush. 

It gets inside all of your grooves and is gentle on the gums. Along with that, after brushing your teeth BEFORE BED do not drink anything or rinse your mouth out thoroughly. A soft toothbrush prevents cavities because any fluoride in the toothpaste has time to set.

Floss, Floss, Floss

We all hate it, but we should learn to live with it, just like when our parents made us eat vegetables. We lived with it because we got dessert. Now we live with flossing, so we don't have bad breath or bacteria build up. Yeah, gross right? Like generations of bacteria are living between your teeth if you don't clean it out now and then. Floss every morning or every other morning. At the very least get it in like three times a week. Bacteria will continually be washed out and will not retain the odors from your garlic bread last Friday.

Mints and gum are your friends. 

Keep some in your pocket, purse, or car. Sugar-free only, because no one likes ten-second sugar gum. Especially your dentist. STAY AWAY FROM RED MINTS AND GUM. In fact, no cinnamon, ever again. Just stay away from fruity flavored and bring colored items. Green, white, light blue, those colors are your friends.

Mouthwash is very useful.

Especially the one where it shows you what has been living in your mouth. It's strong, kills most germs, and gives you a really good picture of what you keep stored in your teeth. Mouthwash cleans your tongue and throat. I recommend getting a little vial to stow away on your person too. If you don't have mints, you better have mouthwash.

The Dinner Thing

I'm in college and I feel like I'm torn between two stereotypes:
1.) I can't wait to get away from my parents, I'm moving across the nation and I'll have all the freedom in the world
2.) I love spending time with my family, we do as much as possible together!

Fortunately,I'm not any of those stereotypes, and neither is my family. Sometimes it feels like 4 adults living under the same roof and sometimes it's a family reunion when we all have the same night off.
Soooo.... when we do have the same night off, it's almost like a mini celebration/catch-up reunion. We go out to dinner, sometimes we have our phones out, sometimes we have a really strong conversation going on.

Just a simple restaurant like outback, cafes at local hotels, local Mexican restaurants, and burger places. It's nice to catch up or even just talk. The waiters always seem to chime in on our conversations. I can think of a couple times when my brother was explaining the difference between a cheeze-it and a cheese nip, or we were talking about government systems, and then back to deciding if words are verbs or nouns. I'm pretty sure we know all the servers at the outback near my house.

We call it "the dinner thing" informally now.  If one of us feels like going out to eat then we just go out. Sometimes we plan ahead, and then others its spur of the moment.

Bonding with your parents is important. Ask them their opinions, plan something out, and listen to them when they talk to you.

All im saying is SIT DOWN WITH THE PEOPLE WHO RAISED YOU AND EAT A MEAL! Food brings everyone together anyways.

There are so many places you can go to:

  • Claim Jumper
  • Dennys
  • P.F. Changs
  • Olive Garden
  • TGI Fridays / Red Robin
  • Outback
  • MiMi's
  • Yardhouse
  • Any pizza place
There are so many topics:

  • school
  • work
  • technology
  • fashion
  • food
  • venting
  • verbs
  • nouns
  • languages
  • traveling
  • weddings
  • future paths
  • questions
Actually if you don't know how to start a conversation after those topics im labeling you socially awkward. #byefelicia

10 Ways to Feel Better When You Feel Bitter

Another one of those days where all your spoons are dirty, you hit every red light, your professor calls you out, your boyfriend cheats on you and your girlfriend is the one he cheated with. It's just another day in paradise for you on this average Thursday. Life gets tough, and you get sad/mad/depressed/angry.... pretty much any emotion. As a young adult we expect to just get over it, but sometimes that's not an option. We like to dwell, take our mind off of it, then dwell some more until the "grieving" process is over. Well in order to go in and out of the dwelling phase, you need somethings to distract you from the real world, even if its just for a second.

Here are 10 ways to feel better when you feel bitter:

  • Go to the library, or park, or big public building; people watch until you feel better about yourself
  • Go to a bank, hair salon, or a local store (a place where they typically have candy sitting on the front desk) and take a sucker. Don't look back, and don't take no for an answer.
  • Go get a hair cut..... in fact go get all of your hairs cut 
  • Get drunk during "normal business" hours. Do not operate heavy machinery (or, like, a car) until you're sober though, a DUI could be the tip of the ice berg for your "terrible" day
  • CLEAN! Clean your room, do your dishes, sweep your floor, dust those blinds. Make your house spotless. Pretend as if all the terrible things in the world were planning to come to your front door and you're prepared to slam it in there face just as they get a glimpse of your shiny "new home." Maybe even rearrange your furniture. A feng shui lesson never hurt anyone. 
  • Cook yourself some comfort food and drink your cheap wine. College doesn't allow for luxury.
  • Go to your closest Goodwill or thrift store. Do not stop looking until you find something that is so bizarre it makes you ask yourself 1.) who would donate this and 2.) Who would own it in the first place.
  • Eat some fruits and vegetables... because those cheer everybody up... NOT. You need fructose and glucose and sucrose and anything else that rhymes whit "gross.
  • Take a bath and listen to Enrique Iglesasis- Hero
  • Take yourself out for dinner. Where your best pumps, your best dress, some lip gloss and slap some shimmery whatever onto those eyes. Make people wonder why youre so dressed up to go eat at The Olive Garden

Art Appreciation

Getting back into the spirit of school and learning stuff....
Art is one of the coolest ways to identify someones perspective on a situation. History is made up on art, and I think as human beings it is our duty to at least be able to identify some popular pieces out there that make history a little more interesting, or abstract (pun intended.) Plus if you know a little something about art, people might think you're kind of brilliant too. Here's my little lesson on some of my favorite paintings:

1.The Persistence of Memory- Salvador Dali
He has many paintings that I like, but one of his most identifiable pieces is the Persistence of Memory. The melting clocks are a great symbol of of time and relativity.

2. A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte- Georges Seurat
Culturally, this painting can be viewed at Le Louvre in Paris, France. I know because that where I saw it. The artist uses a technique called "pointillism." This technique was tedious but created so much texture for the portrait. Simply put, pointillism is a technique where a still life or a complete portrait is created by the usage of dots. I can smell the fresh cut grass now!

3. Water Lilies- Claude Monet
Monet is fantastic at abstract art and has over 250 water paintings! I've grow up with Monet and respect all of his work. When I was in art class back in 5th grade i remember we were told to pick a painting and duplicate it. This was it. His entire collection can be found around the world in museums.

 4. Cafe Terrace at Night-Vincent Van Gogh
You can't escape Van Gogh! Look at the detail and the colors used in this painting. He created this in 1888. This was one of his pieces he never signed but you don't need a signature to know this is his work. The contrasting colors make the scene so much more vibrant than it actually is.

5.No. 5, 1948-  Jackson Pollock
I'm not a fan of abstract art that is this intense, but I think it is good for you to be aware that this stuff actually exists. Pollock specifically named this No.5. It doesn't mean its painting number five, lets hang it up. This title is so bare to contrast the turmoil boiling up inside the portrait. 

6. The Thinker- Augueste Rodin
Yes, this is an actual statue, and its an actual pose. This statue is made of bronze and about 6 feet tall! 

7. The Four Seasons- Guiseppe Arcimboldo
Arcimboldo is a Renaissance painter  and my favorite artist! This is my favorite painting of all time. I love how he captures every aspect of the season and places it on someones head to create a face! That is so creative especially for Renaissance time. A time of festivals and art. Art was almost like a competitive sport and he certainly had an artistic edge in my eyes.

10 Bulletproof Conversations to Have on a First Date

College is the land of love it seems. Whether its heartaches, everlasting or a one night stand, it's in the air. College is the time to get out there and experience what you like or don't like. Date a jerk or maybe two so you can see what you really want in a guy. Everyone should have a good sense of the type of person they want to be with once college is over.
In order to know what you like you have to date though. Dating can be tough and awkward if not done properly. You might struggle to find something to talk about or you might not realize it had been 4 hours had passed due to the perfect flow of conversation. Whatever it may be, here are some topics that are bulletproof conversation starters and will at least keep the silence out of the air.

10. Family- It's a pretty safe topic. Siblings are more so an appropriate topic just in case their parents went through tough times and you don't want to bring on the waterworks or an unstable personality. Ask how many siblings they have or what they would do together when they were younger. Pets are good topics as well and can easily flow into another conversation later in the night.

9. Food- Typically dates occur at a restaurant or a bar. Food is readily available and menus are present. USE THEM TO YOUR ADVANTAGE! Get to know one another by their taste in beverage and entree. You can also figure out if your culinary preferences are on the same wavelength as your own.

8. Travel- Is he/she well traveled? If they are, let them talk about all of their experiences in different areas. If they're not, ask them where they'd like to go, give input if you've been there. Do not bring up anything that would make you sound like a snobby rich kid if you are well traveled though. You may or may not have been a deprived vacationer as a child, your date does not need to know that on the first round of getting to know you.

7. Nicknames- It sounds kind of weird but it makes for great stories. Every relative or friend has a nickname for you or them and there is always a background story that tags along with it. You'll for sure make them laugh with your story and its something memorable. (Unless its something totally embarrassing because you couldn't figure out how to use a toilet until you were 9 then I'd leave that story at home.)

6. Career Plans- HELLO?! You're in college! What's their major, what's their plans for the future? Where do they see themselves in ten years? Are they making a lot of money? Are they working for a nonprofit, or a big name company?  How many kids do they have? (AHHHHH, wrong... never talk about children on a first date! That was a test.) But seriously these are questions you should be asking. If you're dating because you want to potentially end up with someone it's nice to see where they're headed.

5. Spare time- What are their hobbies outside of school and work? Who do they hang out with, what movies do they watch, or what crafts do they build. Are they a gym rat? Are you a gym rat? Could you see your self, potentially, with someone who is a gym rat? Are there hobbies compatible with yours? Not only are you talking and learning about this person but you're analyzing them and yourself at the same time. Always remember that. This is your chance to pull random facts out of them.

4. Motivation- What gets them going every day? What are they passionate about? Who influences them? You'd be surprised a lot of people have "influences" in common with one another. Bond over that. Even if you have no clue who they're talking about, fake it to make it, ask to go to the bathroom and Wikipedia that person! Role models are big in people's life. By any means do not make any jokes regarding that person or technique. I strongly suggest utilizing the question "How did that start?"

3. Your friends- Yes, I want you to talk about yourself. Mention the fact that you have friends, and that you do stuff together. Your date will think its great that you have friends to go hang out with if she/he is busy. Share a story about something awesome they did... maybe, if the timing is right, invite them to come next time!

2. Compliments- you can never go wrong with that. Be genuine. Don't say it if you don't mean it.

1. The Future- Obviously, you've won them over with your charm and wit if you've done all the previous topics. Take a risk and plan for something in the future. NOT NEXT SUMMER, but say next weekend? maybe next Thursday? If they're giving off positive vibes then I say go for it. If you're not feeling it, they're probably feeling it, that you're not feeling it, you feel me? Briefly, you could talk about things you could do in the future together.

***The key to all of this is to listen more than you talk too.***

I Heart Free Radio: Get XM for Free

Do It Yourself or Do It Yourself for Free?
Sirius XM is a growing addition to cars. It's also another way to suck customers into putting more money into something they dont really need. The benefits of Sirius XM do not outweigh the costs in my opinion. If Sirius XM was free, then yes, iId probably listen to it.... which is why I do listen to it. 

This might be of value to you.... SIRIUS XM FOR FREEEEEE. 
A fellow car sales associate taught me this trick to getting Sirius XM for free for three months, then you have to redo this process again.

1. Go out to your car and turn "on" your XM radio. Turn to channel 0 and something will pop up saying radio ID. Write down that number, or don't, it’s your choice. Remember it, though. 
***Please Note: The letters "I, O, S and F" are not used in any Radio ID. 
You car must be turned on.
It also helps if your car is not in the garage or under a covering. 
(Its free, if you want it you've got to work for it.)***

2.  Go to your browser and in the web url box, not Google search box, type in or click here
3. Enter in your Radio ID number, and depending on your make and model of your car you will have further instructions beyond that screen. 

I recommend doing all of this on your phone since your car cannot be in your garage or cannot be off. I do not recommend you do this while driving. That's stupid, and you'll get caught. 

I hope this process works for you! If not, do not contact me and complain, that is what the Help Desk is for... My only tip is maybe try all Capital letters or all lowercase letters.

I will let you know that this is kind of supposed to be a car salesman trick and if you go to customer service complaining that your FREE Sirius radio is not working, you might get hung up on. 

4. At the end of it all you should have Sirius XM Radio.... FOR FREE!

Going Solo: Satisfy that Sweet Tooth

Done in minutes; this cake-in-a-cup recipe is perfect for birthdays, parties, and just hanging out. When I say birthdays, parties, and hangouts I mean by myself because when has there ever been a time I associate with other human beings. Party of one... in a cup, please!

1. Fetch your favorite mug

2. Drop one tablespoon of butter into your cup, melt it (30 seconds or less!) TIP: Do those jumping jacks I talked about in my article "4 things you can do throughout the day to exercise without going to the gym or taking up a lot of time."

3. Put two spoons (like actual TABLEspoons) of sugar into your mug. Do not leave the spoon in the mug. 

4. Add three drops or more of vanilla extract. Pretty much add the gift wrap to your tiny cup present. 

5. A LITTLE bit of salt like, less than the two-finger pinch. Like 6 grains of salt. 

6. Crack an egg into a jar or something else besides your mug. Separate the white from the yellow yolk, pour only the white part into your mug.  Toss out the yellow part.

7.  Mix that all together. Boo-Yah

8. Get four tablespoons of flour, dump that right into your cute mug.

9. Mix. Again.

10. Add whatever you want. Chocolate chips, nuts (gross), M&M's, sprinkles, etc. I'll let you be the judge of how much to put in.

11. Microwave for 50 seconds. 

ENJOY! You've satisfied your late night sweet tooth!

Emoji Definitions You Never Knew

Ever wonder what Apple really names their emjois after? Sometimes I think I have a clue but I did some further research and found out I was so wrong.

Sleepy face  

What? Is he drooling? He doesn't have a nose, is this water coming from his invisible nose? Is it snot? I don't get it. Even if I did know this was a "sleepy" emoji why would I send a drooling emoji to someone? No, find another reason for this smiley face.

Disappointed but relieved face

He's still sweating which indicates he is definitely not relieved. Relieved means you're okay with whatever the outcome of the situation was, you're not still sweating about it. And disappointed yet relieved? Those are two conflicting emotions that do not coexist.


Face With the Look of Triumph

I don't see a crown on this guys head? There is no triumph in this photo. This is the face of a P.O. emoji. We send this when something doesn't go our way or were fed up... not "triumphant"


Dizzy Face and Astonished Face

Literally the same thing, just the Astonished face has teeth. If I'm dizzy my mouth is not open. I'm probably more loopy than vocal and would see stars not "x's"


Japanese Ogre and Japanese Goblin 

Can someone please tell me when you use these emoji unless you have an inside joke or its Halloween? And why do they only offer Japanese creatures?


Pile of Poo

People always ask what this is, I am just confirming it is, in fact, a pile of poop.


Victory Hand: 

I thought this was a peace sign? You know like how we would all "throw up the deuces" in our middle school photos. Boy, did we have it wrong. #WUT?


Information Desk Person

The most commonly used emoji I use is this one. I literally use it for every reason except "information desk." I make it seem like a "princess", " I know everything", "I'm perfect," emoji not "let me point you in the right direction" emoji.


Woman with Bunny Ears: 

I'm pretty sure it is "WomEn with Bunny Ears" because there are two, but I'm not here to be a grammar Nazi. Why is this an emoji? I use it when I want to do something that means "OMG what a coincidence, we're twins" why would women wear bunny ears?


Busts in Silhouette 

Who needs this? There are no words. These guys don't even have busts.

The Wooden Camera

Everyone loves photos. Weather you like looking at them, taking them, being in them,shooting them, etc. Photo booths have become more and more popular over the years. They're in arcades, on midways, in hotels, and even at events. Renting your own photo booth for your event is a fantastic idea. Everyone can be involved, be silly and have a good time.

I met these guys, Justin and Myron, first at the Bridal Spectacular Bridal show, then at The Ritz of Las Vegas Open House. I have to say they really know what they're doing. They're with the company The Wooden Camera. They're the guys you want to call if your looking for a photo booth to match your antique, vintage rustic event. They're photos are high quality and an attendant also comes with the package and if its Justin or Myron, you're going to have a lot of fun!

Look at how cute these turned out! You can customize your strips with your logo or instead of strips you can get a regular 4X6!

I highly recommend a photo booth service for any event but, more so, I recommend The Wooden Camera. They provide props, technical equipment and print your photos your right on the spot. There was never a long waiting time and if we told them to jump in the picture they were more than willing! 

Check them out at their website
Go like them on FACEBOOK

DIY: Google Chrome Theme

I'm not a very techy person so when I learn something new that I can do with any sort of technology I consider that an accomplishment.I love making things cute and personalized, even if its something as small as your desktop screen or your Google Chrome Theme.
I just taught myself how to change my Google Chrome Theme! It may be something very simple and easy, but it adds a personal touch. You may already know how to do this, or at least have an idea, but have you done it yet? Or did you even think about doing so? I'm guessing not if you're still reading.
If you're anything like me everything has to match. My desktop background is a black and white photo of my boyfriend and I, so naturally I need to have my whole desktop personalized to that.

So, in case you were wondering, here is how you change your theme of your browser (specifially Google Chrome)

1.) Open up your Google Chrome browser

2.) Run your mouse over to the right hand corner and click the three lines for options. Scroll down to "Settings" and tap that.

3.) "Settings" Pops up automatically in a separate tab. Scroll down until you hit the button for "Get Themes" and double click it. 

4.) A ton of different themes will pop up. You can either search (on the left hand side) or browse through and pick one out. When you have one picked out, scroll over it, a cover on the image will pop up and it will (usually) say "Free." Click on the word "Free" and it will take you to your theme.

5.) If you notice, the top of my screen is now Black and Red, which kind of matches my Black and White photo but with a little red thrown in there.  

6.) You have now customized your browser! Go back to your homepage to celebrate!

Proposals or Nah?

A few days ago a friend of mine was talking about marriage, specifically the engagement portion of marriage. She was talking about how she would want to be proposed to and methods to use etc. like most other girls, we've all sort of dreamed about what their proposal would be like.  Let's face it, it's a big deal in modern day society. Everyone always asks about the "story" of how he asked so you better have a good one! 

Well what if we lived in some alternate universe where it was tradition for the girls to pop the question instead of the boys. I know some girls do take that step but it's not too common. So I asked some friends how they would go about asking the question to their hunny.

Me: " If it was common for women to pop the marriage question towards men instead of the other way around, how would you do it?"

"With food. Maybe like dinner or breakfast in bed type deal, and candles lots of candles!" 

"I'd probably just like take him to Buffalo Wild Wings or something, make it like a conversation starter. Something simple."

" A scavenger hunt! He has to work for it."

"In the bedroom" 

"I'd probably write a letter or something, I'm not about to be cute with it, it'll be like a business proposal."

"Maybe hide something and then trick them into finding it."

"With photos of us. He likes looking at me and I like looking at me, we both win.

"A romantic getaway."

"Maybe like with a video or something, i don't know I'd probably copy something on youtube."

"I wouldn't"

"He really likes the Red Sox, so I might take him to a game or something."

Now, as a turn around, I asked some guys, if the tradition was different how would they want to be proposed to. It's good to have a little insight into a guys mind.

Me: "If it was common for women to propose to men, how would you want to be asked "the question?"

"Forreal, like girls make a big deal about it, just give me a shout out on twitter or something, maybe buy me dinner?"

"You know that Campbell's chicken soup with the letters? Maybe spell out Marry Me next time you cook me lunch."

"I want a flash mob. I want a mall with like 200 people involved, like it has to be big!"

"Well, I wouldn't want a ring, so she'd have to be creative because I want a watch. Maybe just figure out a way to work it into the conversation. Hey let's get married, okay."

"Take me to a baseball game, and write it out on the scoreboard."

"Basically, just buy me food, cook me food, bring me food, or order me food. Best way to a man's heart is through his stomach."

"I want her down on one knee."

"Window paint my car or something, but then don't be offended when I wash it off because that's my baby too."