10 Bulletproof Conversations to Have on a First Date

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

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College is the land of love it seems. Whether its heartaches, everlasting or a one night stand, it's in the air. College is the time to get out there and experience what you like or don't like. Date a jerk or maybe two so you can see what you really want in a guy. Everyone should have a good sense of the type of person they want to be with once college is over.

In order to know what you like you have to date though. Dating can be tough and awkward if not done properly. You might struggle to find something to talk about or you might not realize it had been 4 hours had passed due to the perfect flow of conversation. Whatever it may be, here are some topics that are bulletproof conversation starters and will at least keep the silence out of the air.

10. Family- It's a pretty safe topic. Siblings are more so an appropriate topic just in case their parents went through tough times and you don't want to bring on the waterworks or an unstable personality. Ask how many siblings they have or what they would do together when they were younger. Pets are good topics as well and can easily flow into another conversation later in the night.

9. Food- Typically dates occur at a restaurant or a bar. Food is readily available and menus are present. USE THEM TO YOUR ADVANTAGE! Get to know one another by their taste in beverage and entree. You can also figure out if your culinary preferences are on the same wavelength as your own.

8. Travel- Is he/she well-traveled? If they are, let them talk about all of their experiences in different areas. If they're not, ask them where they'd like to go, give input if you've been there. Do not bring up anything that would make you sound like a snobby rich kid if you are well-traveled though. You may or may not have been a deprived vacationer as a child, your date does not need to know that on the first round of getting to know you.

7. Nicknames- It sounds kind of weird but it makes for great stories. Every relative or friend has a nickname for you or them and there is always a background story that tags along with it. You'll for sure make them laugh with your story and its something memorable. (Unless its something totally embarrassing because you couldn't figure out how to use a toilet until you were 9 then I'd leave that story at home.)

6. Career Plans- HELLO?! You're in college! What's their major, what's their plans for the future? Where do they see themselves in ten years? Are they making a lot of money? Are they working for a nonprofit, or a big name company?  How many kids do they have? (AHHHHH, wrong... never talk about children on a first date! That was a test.) But seriously these are questions you should be asking. If you're dating because you want to potentially end up with someone it's nice to see where they're headed.

5. Spare time- What are their hobbies outside of school and work? Who do they hang out with, what movies do they watch, or what crafts do they build. Are they a gym rat? Are you a gym rat? Could you see your self, potentially, with someone who is a gym rat? Are there hobbies compatible with yours? Not only are you talking and learning about this person but you're analyzing them and yourself at the same time. Always remember that. This is your chance to pull random facts out of them.

4. Motivation- What gets them going every day? What are they passionate about? Who influences them? You'd be surprised a lot of people have "influences" in common with one another. Bond over that. Even if you have no clue who they're talking about, fake it to make it, ask to go to the bathroom and Wikipedia that person! Role models are big in people's life. By any means do not make any jokes regarding that person or technique. I strongly suggest utilizing the question "How did that start?"

3. Your friends- Yes, I want you to talk about yourself. Mention the fact that you have friends, and that you do stuff together. Your date will think it's great that you have friends to go hang out with if she/he is busy. Share a story about something awesome they did... maybe, if the timing is right, invite them to come next time!

2. Compliments- you can never go wrong with that. Be genuine. Don't say it if you don't mean it.

1. The Future- Obviously, you've won them over with your charm and wit if you've done all the previous topics. Take a risk and plan for something in the future. NOT NEXT SUMMER, but say next weekend? maybe next Thursday? If they're giving off positive vibes then I say go for it. If you're not feeling it, they're probably feeling it, that you're not feeling it, you feel me? Briefly, you could talk about things you could do in the future together.

***The key to all of this is to listen more than you talk too.***

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