10 Ways to Feel Better When You Feel Bitter

Friday, August 29, 2014

Another one of those days where all your spoons are dirty, you hit every red light, your professor calls you out, your boyfriend cheats on you and your girlfriend is the one he cheated with. It's just another day in paradise for you on this average Thursday. Life gets tough, and you get sad/mad/depressed/angry.... pretty much any emotion. As a young adult we expect to just get over it, but sometimes that's not an option. We like to dwell, take our mind off of it, then dwell some more until the "grieving" process is over. Well in order to go in and out of the dwelling phase, you need somethings to distract you from the real world, even if its just for a second.

Here are 10 ways to feel better when you feel bitter:

  • Go to the library, or park, or big public building; people watch until you feel better about yourself
  • Go to a bank, hair salon, or a local store (a place where they typically have candy sitting on the front desk) and take a sucker. Don't look back, and don't take no for an answer.
  • Go get a hair cut..... in fact go get all of your hairs cut 
  • Get drunk during "normal business" hours. Do not operate heavy machinery (or, like, a car) until you're sober though, a DUI could be the tip of the ice berg for your "terrible" day
  • CLEAN! Clean your room, do your dishes, sweep your floor, dust those blinds. Make your house spotless. Pretend as if all the terrible things in the world were planning to come to your front door and you're prepared to slam it in there face just as they get a glimpse of your shiny "new home." Maybe even rearrange your furniture. A feng shui lesson never hurt anyone. 
  • Cook yourself some comfort food and drink your cheap wine. College doesn't allow for luxury.
  • Go to your closest Goodwill or thrift store. Do not stop looking until you find something that is so bizarre it makes you ask yourself 1.) who would donate this and 2.) Who would own it in the first place.
  • Eat some fruits and vegetables... because those cheer everybody up... NOT. You need fructose and glucose and sucrose and anything else that rhymes whit "gross.
  • Take a bath and listen to Enrique Iglesasis- Hero
  • Take yourself out for dinner. Where your best pumps, your best dress, some lip gloss and slap some shimmery whatever onto those eyes. Make people wonder why youre so dressed up to go eat at The Olive Garden

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