4 Things You Can Do Throughout The Day To Exercise Without Going To The Gym

Friday, August 8, 2014

Who has time for the gym anymore? Or to go for a run? Or get to a dance class? 

It is getting harder and harder to find time for your body. Exercise is usually the first thing to get pushed out of the way when life gets busy. It's only natural. Being a full-time student, sorority sister, girlfriend, daughter, having an internship and having a part-time job exercise tends to get away from me, yet I always seem to have time for food (hmm... priorities?) Anyways, yes you're busy so in the meantime why not fit in workouts where you can? 

Here are 4 things you can do throughout the day to exercise without going to the gym or taking up a lot of time!

1. Stoplight workouts

Every time you're at a stop light roll your tummy. Suck your abdomen in and roll your muscles up or down then stick stomachs back out and repeat that process. After a while, it will create a rolling effect. 

2. Toothbrush Time

The biggest waste of time for me is standing at the sink with nothing to do except jam a toothbrush in and out of my mouth. So lately I've been doing squats, or side leg kicks and back leg kicks. Usually, I can get about twenty squats in a session and about 40 leg kicks in another session.  Do that twice a day and you're about 1/4 through a workout.

3. Watching Stretching

We ALL make time for the TV because it's nice to do something mindless for a minute. While watching TV, stretch your muscles. Get down on the floor stretch your arms over your toes, do the butterfly pose we all did as kids in P.E. or stretch out your shoulders and neck. You're not going to miss a minute of Keeping up with the K's and your muscles will become more flexible over time.

4. Microwave Moving

Be honest, we are all microwave hovers. We put that burrito in there and watch that plate turn 360 degrees like we've never seen it done before. Your food is still going to take two minutes regardless of if you watch it or not. Do something else while your food is cooking. Work up an appetite while doing jumping jacks, push-ups or crunches while your food is nuking itself.

----> same thing can apply when cooking stove top items

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