Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Nails are the talk of the town with the trending Gel Polish! We all can be individual and unique with a set of ten-classy digits accompanying us. Are you getting bored of getting the same thing over and over again? Maybe you can never make up your mind about what to do? Or, secretly, you just want to upstage your best friend for ONCE! Get nails that define who you want to be for this month (that's about how long they last right?)

Maybe your a fashionista! Shopping is your sport, and Vogue is pretty much your bible. I would definitely get a color that makes a statement like a fuchsia or a neon pink/orange. Get something that will grab people's attention. It's a bold color for your big spending personality. Don't hold back either stick some crystals on those babies. Life is too short to have the same set of nails right?
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Next option could be someone who is longing for adventure, wants to be remembered and might have a bit of a mermaid soul.. You are an animated character.You come late and stay late. The party doesn't stop until you do. Life is too radical and full of opportunities to not change up your nails! I would suggest any type of blue. Its a soothing color to compliment your drastic personality. Plus, it will match your mermaids tail ;)

Artsy is the next option on the list. Who doesnt like a little creativity and imagination in their life? You feel like you're having the time of your life decorating your life. You have an eye for detail and you go against the grain. Dance to the beat of your own drum with a splash of Jade green and pastel colors. Keep them muted, your not a fashionista this time around ;)

Stick to the classics once time around by keeping it simple. Red lipstick is in, so that means red nails are too. Ever think you were born in the wrong decade? Go back to the 1950's with red rose nail polish. Your domestic side will shine right through! Nothing can go wrong with red or black, simple colors of the century that can make just as bold of a statement.

Plain Jane and laid back; your no-kidding-no-messing-around attitude has you defined! No maintenance is required when it comes to your style. Get in, get out, and move on is your motto. You may pick a hike over shopping any day but that doesn't mean your nail parade needs to be rained on. Gray is your color. Simple, sophisticated, girly enough to be cute, basic enough to know its not a big deal.

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