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Monday, August 25, 2014

Do It Yourself or Do It Yourself for Free?
Sirius XM is a growing addition to cars. It's also another way to suck customers into putting more money into something they dont really need. The benefits of Sirius XM do not outweigh the costs in my opinion. If Sirius XM was free, then yes, iId probably listen to it.... which is why I do listen to it. 

This might be of value to you.... SIRIUS XM FOR FREEEEEE. 
A fellow car sales associate taught me this trick to getting Sirius XM for free for three months, then you have to redo this process again.

1. Go out to your car and turn "on" your XM radio. Turn to channel 0 and something will pop up saying radio ID. Write down that number, or don't, it’s your choice. Remember it, though. 
***Please Note: The letters "I, O, S and F" are not used in any Radio ID. 
You car must be turned on.
It also helps if your car is not in the garage or under a covering. 
(Its free, if you want it you've got to work for it.)***

2.  Go to your browser and in the web url box, not Google search box, type in www.siriusxm.com/refresh or click here
3. Enter in your Radio ID number, and depending on your make and model of your car you will have further instructions beyond that screen. 

I recommend doing all of this on your phone since your car cannot be in your garage or cannot be off. I do not recommend you do this while driving. That's stupid, and you'll get caught. 

I hope this process works for you! If not, do not contact me and complain, that is what the Help Desk is for... My only tip is maybe try all Capital letters or all lowercase letters.

I will let you know that this is kind of supposed to be a car salesman trick and if you go to customer service complaining that your FREE Sirius radio is not working, you might get hung up on. 

4. At the end of it all you should have Sirius XM Radio.... FOR FREE!

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