Friday, August 15, 2014

I wish I had a collecting hobby. I tend to get really interested in something then I grow bored of it two weeks later. I'm always looking for new things and do and treasure, which is why collections don't work for me. Although, I do envy those who do collect because you are constantly working towards a goal, you have something to show off, and this collection of yours has sentimental (and maybe even monetary) value to you. Collections are a part of who you are. 
With that being said some people collect some freaky stuff out there. It blows my mind why some people would want one let alone multiple of certain things taking up space that are just so bizarre. Maybe bizarre is what you need to peak your interest, though? Stamps, coins, and bird houses just don't cut it for you. I really would like to have my own collection to take care of and watch grow so i researched some lists of items commonly collected and my findings left me to conducting this list. This is what I found...



10. Hello Kitty supplies: You're into what you're into, right? I personally could not take the pressure of walking into a room with kitty eyes looking at me from all directions. Toasters, fans, bedding, and dolls. Hello Kitty comes in all shapes and forms to be incorporated into your daily life style.

9. Fortunes from inside the Fortune Cookie: People actually keep these! The only reason any of them are laying around my room is because they fell out of my pocket. There is even a museum dedicated to just fortunes!

8.Band Aids: Every shape, size, color, and form you can think of has the possibility of being collected. What happens when you scrape yourself though? Don't pull one form your collection! 

7. Book Marks: This is not so much on my "ODD" list but more so along the lines of that's new and out of the box. I would have never thought about collecting book marks before. That's an intimate collection because anyone can grow a connection with a book.

6. Unscratched Lottery Tickets: This takes some serious will power to buy a lottery ticket and not scratch it off. What if you're the next millionaire, or what if you won your money back? I hope you are never robbed because they would have a field day.

5.Spoons: I know this is a common thing for people to collect but it is something I've never understand why anyone spends so much money on a little spoon. I just do not see the history behind spoons as far as i'm concerned.

4. "Pickled Punks:" Have you ever seen those lamps with the "alien" body in it surrounded by green goo to give it the effect it was an unborn alien caught in a tube? People actually collect those, and not just lamps, like jars of animals, babies, and plants, but they're all fake of course. ;)

3. Condiment packages: People go out of their way to pick up a logo condiment package from a restaurant, stadium or a stand. How would you display these? It can be anything from mustard to relish to butter, just make sure you don't eat them, who knows how long they'd sit on your shelf! 

2. Hand Cuffs: What are you into? Collectors often find themselves tracking down handcuffs with different metal types, decorations, and chain link differences.

1. Puking Bags: You read that correctly. Most commonly these "sickness bags" are found o airplanes but can be found in taxi's and ships as well. I hope its not a used one. EWE!

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