Proposals or Nah?

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

A few days ago a friend of mine was talking about marriage, specifically the engagement portion of marriage. She was talking about how she would want to be proposed to and methods to use etc. like most other girls, we've all sort of dreamed about what their proposal would be like.  Let's face it, it's a big deal in modern day society. Everyone always asks about the "story" of how he asked so you better have a good one! 

Well what if we lived in some alternate universe where it was tradition for the girls to pop the question instead of the boys. I know some girls do take that step but it's not too common. So I asked some friends how they would go about asking the question to their hunny.

Me: " If it was common for women to pop the marriage question towards men instead of the other way around, how would you do it?"

"With food. Maybe like dinner or breakfast in bed type deal, and candles lots of candles!" 

"I'd probably just like take him to Buffalo Wild Wings or something, make it like a conversation starter. Something simple."

" A scavenger hunt! He has to work for it."

"In the bedroom" 

"I'd probably write a letter or something, I'm not about to be cute with it, it'll be like a business proposal."

"Maybe hide something and then trick them into finding it."

"With photos of us. He likes looking at me and I like looking at me, we both win.

"A romantic getaway."

"Maybe like with a video or something, i don't know I'd probably copy something on youtube."

"I wouldn't"

"He really likes the Red Sox, so I might take him to a game or something."

Now, as a turn around, I asked some guys, if the tradition was different how would they want to be proposed to. It's good to have a little insight into a guys mind.

Me: "If it was common for women to propose to men, how would you want to be asked "the question?"

"Forreal, like girls make a big deal about it, just give me a shout out on twitter or something, maybe buy me dinner?"

"You know that Campbell's chicken soup with the letters? Maybe spell out Marry Me next time you cook me lunch."

"I want a flash mob. I want a mall with like 200 people involved, like it has to be big!"

"Well, I wouldn't want a ring, so she'd have to be creative because I want a watch. Maybe just figure out a way to work it into the conversation. Hey let's get married, okay."

"Take me to a baseball game, and write it out on the scoreboard."

"Basically, just buy me food, cook me food, bring me food, or order me food. Best way to a man's heart is through his stomach."

"I want her down on one knee."

"Window paint my car or something, but then don't be offended when I wash it off because that's my baby too."

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