Sororities: What Are You ACTUALLY Paying For?

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

There is always going to be a cynic that puts down your Greek organization and it is usually for the misconception of "paying for friends." Anyone who is in Greek life would be able to tell you you're not paying for friends, those are just an added bonus. You're paying for opportunities, causes, and things that actually matter in the world. 

Let me give it to you straight, those dues that we pay every month actually go to something. Most organizations you join are going to require fees, dues, and/or costs. I like to think of my dues as more of an investment than payment. 

So, what does a member get out of his or her "investment?"

  • Development of punctuality
  • Living your values and creeds
  • Experience in event planning
  • Learning a new alphabet (Greek Letters)
  • New ideas and trends to apply to fashion
  • Networking development
  • Future bridesmaids/groomsmen
  • Access to GREEK functions
  • Discounts on insurance and other monthly costs
  • Respect for tradition and history
  • Chapter pride and a sense of belonging
  • A higher GPA
  • Formals, retreats, ritual equipment, recruitment, bids, celebrations, sisterhoods 
  • Connection with people all across the nation
  • Leadership
  • A creative outlook (for crafts and personalty)
  • Life long friendships with a perpetual bond
  • A new meaning for symbols
  • An enhanced resume
  • Social Skills
  • Charity involvement
  • Security
  • Finance/Budgeting experience
  • Guidance
  • People to call family

Clearly you get a lot for your dues/fees/costs in a Greek organization. The next time someone asks you or accuses you of "paying for friends" recall this list and list off as many as you can. Show them the skills you will be learning by jumping out of your "you bubble" and into something great. Your opportunities are endless and if people think you're paying for friends show them that if that were true, you weren't paying enough.

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