Going Solo: Satisfy that Sweet Tooth

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Done in minutes; this cake-in-a-cup recipe is perfect for birthdays, parties, and just hanging out. When I say birthdays, parties, and hangouts I mean by myself because when has there ever been a time I associate with other human beings. Party of one... in a cup, please!

1. Fetch your favorite mug

2. Drop one tablespoon of butter into your cup, melt it (30 seconds or less!) TIP: Do those jumping jacks I talked about in my article "4 things you can do throughout the day to exercise without going to the gym or taking up a lot of time."

3. Put two spoons (like actual TABLEspoons) of sugar into your mug. Do not leave the spoon in the mug. 

4. Add three drops or more of vanilla extract. Pretty much add the gift wrap to your tiny cup present. 

5. A LITTLE bit of salt like, less than the two-finger pinch. Like 6 grains of salt. 

6. Crack an egg into a jar or something else besides your mug. Separate the white from the yellow yolk, pour only the white part into your mug.  Toss out the yellow part.

7.  Mix that all together. Boo-Yah

8. Get four tablespoons of flour, dump that right into your cute mug.

9. Mix. Again.

10. Add whatever you want. Chocolate chips, nuts (gross), M&M's, sprinkles, etc. I'll let you be the judge of how much to put in.

11. Microwave for 50 seconds. 

ENJOY! You've satisfied your late night sweet tooth!

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