Couponing: The 4-1-1

Thursday, September 11, 2014

So, it should come as no surprise that I loooooove to spend money, but I'm also super cheap too. I can admit it, like paying more than $10 for a shirt is completely up sure to me...I can't. Anyways, I've pick up this habit of couponing (more on that for another day) but I wanted to show all the great deals I've gotten just by grabbing a paper (or 4) every Sunday, and checking your mail box regularly.

1. I bought 3 bags of 11.4 oz M&Ms ( mini, peanut butter, and mint), two greeting cards, and some maybelline nail polish.

Total saved: $18.36
Total spent: $3.35

2. This one, I spent a bit more, but I also got a lot more stuff! 10 boxes of macaroni and cheese, 3 women's deoderants, 2 men's deoderants (total of five), an eyelash curler, some London Rimmel eye liner, Maybelline liquid eyeliner, and cover girl lipstick(2 colors).

I spent about $13 on all of this at target!

3. My very first couponing experience included 5 of these Ban Total Refresh Cooling Cloths (good for hot flashes and vegas heat), some Ban deoderants and a reclon nail file.
I spent about $7 and saved about $23 at target.

4 My biggest haul yet: 2 glade plug ins, one glade candle (not pictured), can of glade air fresher, two greeting cards, 3 bags of 11 oz m&ms, garnier fructise shampoo, conditioner, styler, and gel, three packs of gum, two 30ct boxes of mucinex, lip gloss, and wet wipes.

I spent $9.72!

I've had a couple smaller sales where I've bought like 10 boxes of pasta all at .67 a piece. Target is my favorite store to coupon at because they have sales that can get you free items. is a definite recommendation for couponer so starting out. It's not as overwhelming because they tell you exactly what coupons you need, what store they're at, and how much you're going to pay. 

Every now and then again I'll go to walmart, but I only save about 50% there instead of closer to 70-80% at target or the dollar tree. Yes the dollar tree takes coupons from manufactures! 

It's not just superstores either. JC Penny has some really good deals, khols as well, a lot of department stores do too. I bought a wallet for $28, went to the register she knocked $10 off with my coupon, and then asked me if I wanted to use reward points that I didn't know I had and I ended up paying $8.00! Like, this stuff really works.

Jordan is always accepting unused ads and coupons for those who are not into the concept of clipping your money out. Please send them my way through use of my email box located under my photo to get in contact with me! 

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