Get the "Close Enough" Skin

I'm not going to best around the bush, I totally do not have perfect skin. Depending on the time of the month we meet up I'm lucky if you see any of my skin behind all the red cheeks and unwanted craters taking over my face. I have hyper sensitive skin. This means I have tried everything from Proactive to AcneFree to Neutrogena. I hate all of that stuff. It dries out my skin and makes me feel uncomfortable and unconfident (is that a word?). But for the most part, my skin is not one of my top things on my "worry" list which makes me think I do a fairly good job.

I think I've found my proper mix of products that my "anti-touchable" skin can work with and I don't break the bank.

I take a shower every other day, partially because I don't have time to shower everyday and partially because I hear a ton of rumors about how its "sooooo bad for your hair and skin to shower everyday."

On the days I don't shower, but I still need to wash my face because of make up, oils, and all that fun stuff I use

Clean&Clear Night Relaxing Deep Cleaning Face Wash

I use hot water to scrub all the unwantedness away and then I lather this stuff into my face for a good solid minute. It says not to use on your eyes, but I do it anyways. Just don't open your eyes, use your other senses to find your wash rag and you'll be fine, I have eye shadow that needs to come off too y'all.

Then I pat dry my face and I don't put any lotion on! I use cortizone as my face cream. The anti-itch creme takes care of the redness in my face.

Cortizone 10 Plus- Ultra Moisturizing (creme base)

When I do take a shower I use a mixture of some of these other generic brands to clean off my face.

At the beginning of my shower I use another clean & clear. I use this just to scrub away any indecencies, once again you cant pout this over your eyes, just don't open them. I advise only using this in the shower because it will dry your face out if not all of the serum is washed off.

Clean & Clear Essentials Foaming Facial Cleanser

Then when I am done washing that off I switch to another product for a little extra scrubbing, just in case. Be sure to let the water run on your face a little bit before you go to this next step though. We don't want too many chemicals mixing together on that cute face of yours.
Clean & Clear Advantage Control 3-in-1 Foaming Wash

I wash my hair with shampoo and go onto the next step. This part gets a little tricky because you have to remember what you did in your last shower. I alternate between these two products. The bath and body product is very harsh and I dont want my skin to fall off, I just want it to be exfoliated. The Clean & Clear one is a gentle exfoliant so I still get a little scrub but nothing too deep.

Clean & Clear Morning Burst Fruit Infusions Smoothing Facial Scrub

Bath & Body Works True Blue Spa Apricot & White Tea Supremely Smoothing Face Scrub

Once I'm out of the shower I apply the cortizone again and I am good to go for the next day!

Obviously I am a clean and clear fan, they really know what they're doing. I don't advise buying the 1,2,3 sets though. Too much of the same product could make you resistant to the chemicals.

I'm glad you all know my shower schedule, I feel a little bit closer to my readers now...

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