MCM: Real Life vs Fake Life

Monday, September 29, 2014

MCM= Man Crush Monday

Pretty much you take a guy that you know (or wish you knew) and post him on social media so the whole world knows he's the bae (before anyone else)

**I never know who is reading this blog so I like to clarify every term that might be foreign to some viewers***

I am a firm believer in having your celebrity crush and your real crushes, or AKA your real love and your fake love.  Especially if you've got that real love, then your fake crush be baggin' on you all the time about that... oh wait its the opposite ;P anyways.....

For example this weeks fake love is....
#FMCM = Fake Man Crush Monday
Daren Kagasoff:
Was on the show "The secret Life of the American Teenager" and played Ricky. He is an actor. He likes to take pictures with his mom. He's the realest because he goes to In-N-Out and also really into shoes.

He's lets me like all of his pictures on instagram, lets me rewatch all of his shows on netflix, and poses with shailene woodley to keep the paparazzi away from me. #FMCM isn't he so sweet! @darenmkagasoff #forever

This weeks real love is...
#RMCM= Real Man Crush Monday

Shanon Taylor

He's a middle school math teacher. He likes to play video games in his spare time, and text me in his other spare moments. He coaches basketball and is also a programmer for a research company. He has a cat who is called "kitty" and can play pretty much any sport you throw at him. Don't let the masculinity take over though because he's also very anal about his bangs and has a ceramic cat collection.

He is the real deal. He stops everything hes doing to make sure I am happy. He'll watch any movie I want too, cook me pasta and chicken, open the door for me (always), and all around just be there for me. I couldn't ask for a better man in my life. #RMCM everyday

So there you have it, you can have your fake one and your real one, but just remember to put more thought into your real MCM because they're the ones that can actually be affected by it or affect you by it so probably pay a little more attention to "real" relationships than fake ones. This is just a way for the world to know about your fake crushes without your S.O. (significant other) getting butthurt by it :D

I highly encourage posting both at the same time or in the same photo too.

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