ONE ON ONE with Chewy

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Meet my puppy: Chewy.
She is an 11 year old Chug (part chihuahua part pug) with a sassy attitude but is also very lazy.
She has a Facebook too, you can friend her by clicking here

She has many adventures every day, some are more grand than others, but none the less a dog left alone while the owners are away at work are bound to cause some mischief. She even causes mischief when the owners are home!

Exhibit A:
These are photos of my do trying to get a piece of candy corn (the green part of the pumpkin in the Autumn mix) from the table top. Notice how she never hops up on to the chair that is right next to her....

Oh I smell it! I can barely taste it already! Oh... there it is the beloved treasure.

I can see it! Now how do I get it.... be the candy... you are the candy

It's still in plain sight... I'm gonna jump back up one more time and go for it! Ahh nuts, barely missed it, if only my mouth was longer...

Aha! I'll use my tongue, these human cant catch me now! 
Oh no, too much tongue. Help! I'm falling. 

Well are you going to help me!?
Okay I'll give it one more try

BOO YAH! Victory is mine!

 Nothing tastes as good as victory feels


So that was last nights adventure, but she is not all helpless. She can do some pretty mean tricks.

She can shake a paw or high five

And roll over with a "TA_DA" at the end

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