Sigma Sigma Sigma at UNLV Bid Day 2014

Sunday, September 28, 2014

So earlier this week I took a little hiatus because fall recruitment basically took over my life and I just wanted to share the success the UNLV Sigma Sigma Sigma Theta Epsilon Chapter had!

1.) We had the largest new member class out of all the sororities... for the second year in a row. Need I remind you we've only been on campus for two years too ;)

2.) We recruited 60 new girls to come join this wonderful sisterhood!

3.) This was the biggest batch of potential new members in the history of UNLV. 442 girls were signed up for recruitment! *snaps*

So what is recruitment? Recruitment is this concept that potential new members (pnm) going through a process called "rushing" or "formal recruitment." Within that process there are many rounds these pnm's have to go through where the women of that chapter will talk, sing, chant, share their stories, and try to have a connection with this girl they just met all in a matter of 25 minutes (if you're lucky). The pnm repeats this process for each sorority. After thier party they rank the sorority and the sorority ranks them. How they rank on each others list will determine if they are invited back for the next day.

Honestly, I think it takes a lot of courage for these women to come into a room, have a conversation AND a connection with a woman they've known for about 5 minutes, then leave the room, be rated by more women you've never met and then say you want to be in a sorority. It's bizarre but its been working for decades, so they just don't change it. Then again, that's why they call it rushing.

Anyways, all I can say is i am extremely proud of all the women in Tri Sigma, old and new. We recruited some amazing girls and our sorority seems balanced out completely. So up above is a video of bid day, and what bid day is is the day all of the pnm's become nm (new members) because now they belong to an organization. They get their bid (bid: noun: a card signifying they're going to pledge a specific sorority) and they are escorted outside to where the entire chapter is waiting to welcome them home with open arms.

I'm incredibly proud to say I am a member of this national organization and local chapter. If you have any questions I highly encourage you to check out these websites.

To the initiated members: Congratulations! We did it!

To the new members: Welcome home!



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