STEREOTYPES: They have no point

Monday, September 1, 2014

Let's talk about stereotypes. They can be funny, they can be relate able, they can be insulting, and they can even be overused. 


plural noun: stereotypes
a widely held but fixed and oversimplified image or idea of a particular type of person or thing

Women are bad drivers: As a female, I have never encountered a ticket or anything on my behalf involving a car, BUT I do see where the stereotype can come into play. Were fixing our hair, were texting, were distracted, etc. Don't get me wrong though, boys do this stuff too, just not on as grand of a scale. Anyways,  yes, women are not as experienced on the road. In this generation, women were not raised on liking cars, working on them, or even driving them. They were taught to take care of their baby doll, play dress up ,and make crafts. Did it ever occurs to anyone that maybe women are considered to be bad drivers because of their lack of knowledge about cars? Men naturally gravitate towards cars as a hobby or a passion. You don't see women saying "All men are bad at cooking." Women naturally gravitate towards making dinner because its a social norm, same with men and cars. Women aren't bad drivers, generally speaking, they're just inexperienced compared to some men. 

African Americans like Kool-Aid, Fried Chicken, and Watermelon: Raise your hand if you do not like any of those three things. In a room full of people i'm going to say about 99% would not have even lifted a finger. Why are African Americans singled out for these food items? To me it just sounds like a fantastic picnic. I love fried chicken, watermelon is great for the summertime, and Kool-aid is so refreshing. Why is it not a stereotype if I say "Oh, you're Philippino? How about that fried chicken?" They would probably reply with how much they enjoy eating fried chicken. This stereotype is stupid and does not exist.

All Blondes are Dumb: Has all the hair dye sunken into your brain? NOOO! What does this even mean? You have golden colored hair, so you must have a negative IQ. Some of the most intelligent women I have met are blonde. If blondes were so dumb, why would people go out of their way and pay extra money to dye their hair blonde? Just so they could be seen as stupid?  Blondes represent a fun-loving and carefree personality. Stick with that.

All Muslims are Terrorists: If that was the case none of them would be allowed in the U.S. or in any country for that matter. No one wants terrorists anywhere. They would be exiled and sent to like the Galapagos Islands or something. Really, nothing else can be said here.

Jewish People Are Cheap: In my book, "cheap" is not a bad thing. I love cheap stuff. I will go to the ends of the earth to find something cheaper than where I found it somewhere else. As annoyed as I get when people try to hustle me for a discount, I (kind of ) admire them. A penny saved is a penny earned. Once you have a couple of those pennies you could come into some serious cash. Think about it, Jewish people could throw a bar mitzvah for probably less than $250. 

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