Things You Should Add to your NOT TO DO List

These are things that I see far too often and people should really consider not doing them  anymore. Common sense is not as dense as it used to be and sometimes i think a friendly reminder on things you should not do is in order for humanity. You can call this a rant, that's fine with me, but it's my blog so I'm entitled to it :D

1.Do not leave your turn sigmal on while driving. Pay attention for the three seconds your switching a lane, or turning your car. TURN YOUR SIGNAL OFF. Is your music blaring? Can you not hear that annoying ding ding sound. I don't understand.

2. Stop making food your enemy. Food should not come with regrets. Savor every bite of those Twinkies or cheese cake slice. Your looks do not equal your worth, and I know I feel like i'm worth a lot more if I can eat my dutch brownies.

3." I told you so" DONT SAY THAT! Name one person who wants to hear you say that. No one wants to hear they were wrong, be a mature person and just let them weep in their own situation, okay? You don't even gain anything from being right, like who are you going to brag too?

4. Do not Post illegal activities on social media, especially if you're in school. As much fun as you want to show your having and all the friends you have, maybe consider posting a sober picture, or one where there is not smoke in the frame, aye? Drop acid on your own time, not on FB. You're probably in school to get a better job. Most careers are going to insta, twitter, and Facebook background check you.

5. Do not try every sample offered at your local Bath & Body works. The associates know you're not going to buy anything you're just wasting your product and you're going to come out smelling like flowers and peaches which is not a good mix. Your friends will judge you... I will judge you.

6. Do not post specific check in locations. There are a lot of creeps out there and yes you may want everyone to know you're out with your friends enjoying a canes date or something but next thing you know you have some Sasquatch holding an ax to your back. AVOID SPECIFIC SOCIAL MEDIA CHECK INS

7. Do not wait to take off your jacket, shoes, watch, and belt at the airport security line. We all know this is the process that has to be done. Secretly, in your head your complaining the line is too long, its your time to shine and now your the reason the line was long in the first place. Have you ID and boarding pass ready along with half of your clothes on. K, thanks. 

8. Something you should consider is to NOT ask someone out as a dare.... that's just wrong on so many levels. A.) there self esteemed could potentially be ripped apart, B.) Even if you did want to date that other person, maybe you should just ask. Don't have your "best buddy" dare you too. #notcool

9. Do not micromanage people. No matter how much you dislike them or don't trust them do not constantly check up on them. Give them and give them time to get something done. Besides if it was really important you'd probably do it your self. Micromanaging is annoying, I am 20, not 2. #stop

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