Things You Should Know About Your Phone That Nobody Really Tells You

Monday, September 8, 2014

Apple, Andriod, and Windows,  this time the brand doesn't matter, the concept of a phone and how it is used is universal and unbiased to brands. Your phone is like a little tiny person and needs to be treated as such. Don't feed your phone. That could cause a malfunction, but there are some things you need to consider with phones that tend to go unnoticed

1. Turn your phone off once in a while. 

How would you like always to be running with no down time?  I don't mean "lock" the screen, I mean turn it off while you're asleep, nothing is that important that it should disturb your beauty rest. Another pro to doing this, it might make your phone move a little faster. Instantaneous just became quicker!

2. Erase your messages. 

Apply the clothing rule to your inbox. If you haven't worn it in 6 months, get rid of it. Some things apply to your inbox. Why would you keep text messages from 6 months ago?  Are you reminiscing? No, get your head out of a hole and jump back into reality. Is it black mail? So what! Apparently, you haven't talked to that person in half a year, ain't nothing going to happen because it would have already.

3. You've got mail, a lot of it.

Oh, your data usage is up? Check your mail box; it eats your data alive. Turn your cellular data off for your mailbox and Wi-Fi that is.  A quick check with mobile data won't do too much if you're not in a wifi zone, but seriously USE WIFI WHEN YOU CAN.

4. Your cell phone is dirtier than a public bathroom toilet seat. 

Just let that sink in. You put that up to your face, on your counters, and near your pillows. Stock up on those moist towelettes next time you order wings and wipe down your phone. I don't want anybody being the next Yahoo headline. "Person contracts terminal illness through facetime."

5. Oh, another thing while you're asleep. 

Sleep with your phone six or more feet away from you. Radiation waves are always cooking in that little device and will make your life harder. As in there are cancerous studies linked to cell phones being next to us while we sleep.

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