Woman Crush Wednesday With Tina Fey

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Tina Fey

I am definitly one of her biggest fans. I may or may not have written her several letters, and I may or may not have gotten no replies. Shes a busy lady, what can I say. I've seen pretty much everything she's been a part of; producing and acting. Her personality is genuine on and off screen. She wants everyone to be laughing and embrace every awkward moment life throws at us.

She is the only woman I know that can look complete sophisticated  a fun at the same 
time and then completely do a 180 and show up to  a gala in a flamingo dress!

Real Name: Elizabeth Stamatina Fey 
Born: May 18, 1970
Where: Upper Darby, Pennsylvania
Education: Studied drama at the University of Virginia
Roles: Actress, Writer, Producer, Comedian, Screenwriter

Tina Fey has carried a scar on the lower part of her face since the age of 5 when she was playing in her front yard and a stranger came up and slashed her cheek. She didn't let that ruin her childhood or stop her from finding her way to the film industry. 

Shes practically a comedian with her instant wit and sense of humor.  Shes a writer for Saturday Night Live. Actually, she was the first female head writer for SNL. *snaps for TINA* She wrote and produced the greatest movie EVER, Mean Girls, and the best series 30 Rock!

She hass won awards (multiple each year from Emmys to Grammys since 2001!

Shes a true inspiration who excels at anything and everything she does. Woman Crush Forever.

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