411: Hand Holding

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Holding hands is a significant part of a relationship. It can spark the beginning of one, comfort you in the middle of one and support you until the end of one. 
Ever notice how people always hold hands differently? I think it's kind of interesting. They do a full grip and walk side my side, a little finger trail is left in the pal of your hand, some even sport the linking arm look.

Here's my take on how people hold hands and what it means

Palm Holding:( Most basic form of hand holding) There is no finger interlocking, you're strictly HAND holding. Palm to palm. Some say its the lowest form of hand holding, but honestly I think its more comfortable. Maybe you're not at the step where you can interlock fingers, which is totally cool. To me, "palm holding" signals the beginning ( like fresh, new out of the box) relationship, or simply "I like you enough to be in contact with you while were walking." I also think this can be done when you are so comfortable in a relationship you don't need to interlock fingers because even if you let go, they'll still be there.

Next up is the finger-tug-along. (This is one of my personal favorites) Where you have a little bit of your hand connected to the other person. You want to be with them but sometimes its hard to walk side by side. Usually the index finger and ring finger are sued most frequently. You're asserting your independence but that you like their company as well. Its the most playful of the hand holding connections. 

Loosely intertwined fingers in the hand lock is the newest form of hand holding, I think. This could mean your distant as a couple or possibly just had a fight. Sometimes you can tell whose not really in the mood to hold hands by which hand is drooping more than the other one. It's still a nice gesture just not a lot of positive vibes come from it.

Tightly interlocked fingers: this is a serious hand holding situation. They are pretty serious about the world knowing their holding hands. I mean hey, don't let any one stop you from holding whose ever hand you want to hold. (...unless its a random stranger, that might not go over well. I'd start with a pick-up line first). But forreal, this is almost an extension of your arm because it becomes one when joined with the other person. Some people are super tight about this posture and have to be right next to each other hands straight between them, and they must walk in sync. Some are more laxy-dazy about it and have a little loose finger action (do not get confused with the loosely intertwined hand holding)

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