9 Things I just Can't Handle

Thursday, October 23, 2014

1. Leggings that are completely see through on the butt.... Buy a bigger size sweetie, no one is going to know your not a small. Guys that goes for you too, those little bicycle shorts I see some of you wear, they stretch a little too much across your package. Stop.

2. Sweet potatoes. I don't like the look, I can't handle the smell, they're sweet but look like carrots mashed up? Who puts pecans on a potato? Who thinks of that?!

3. Crumbs, or little things my feet pick up from the tile. You know, like when you're walking across the tile/ hardwood floor barefoot and you feel little crusties under your feet?! Eweeeeee! That is the most uncomfortable feeling ever. I don't care if you're house is spotless, if I pick up one trail of whatever on the bottom of my feet you're immediately thrown into the sea of crumbs in my mind. Sorry not sorry.

4.When people post multiple pictures of the same event (not for a contest) like two minutes apart from each other on Insta or Twitter. I get it.... Kanye is so dope up on stage, we captured that from the first video, no need to post 4 more. Do not blow up my feed with multiple postings of (literally) the same thing. Love You!

5. People who hit on people while they're at work. As in I am working and a customer comes in and hits on me. Like seriously, that is so rude.... I can't leave, the sales associate (insert title here) cannot leave. They're forced to talk to you. Don't make people feel uncomfortable bro. Don;t ask "what time they're off" or "Are you the special of the day?" just stop. 

6. Slow walking people. I'm not sure if i just have longer strides or know where I need to be when I need to be there. Life is too short to spend more time than necessary walking. If society accepted it i would definitely run to everything because you get their much faster. Especially because slow walkers have no regard for where they're at, so they'll take up the whole walk way, talk in a door frame, not let you leave your aisle, etc. Just walk faster.... please, just a tad. 

7. The expression "That's gay"-- for two reasons I "just can't" with this. First, we live in a more modern society now-a-days and more  people are changing up their lifestyles. I don't care what you do in your free time, but saying that something someone else is doing is "gay" is dumb itself. You can change it up to "that's lame" because that's probably what you're really thinking but for some reason "gay" and stupid lie on the same bar in your mind. 
Second, you're literally saying "that's happy" or "that's merry" because gay meas happy. If you didn't mean to compliment what you just called "gay", you actually did.

8. Movies as a first date:  First dates are getting to know people, how do you plant to get to know this person you're sitting next to if you're in a theater where you are (at least you should be) quiet. You say "Oh, its dinner and a movie so there's still talking..." nope doesn't fly. Sit down, eat your dinner, take your significant other to a place where you can openly ask him or her about their life. Save the movie date for the third date or beyond. 

9. When people lick their fingers and touch my paper. Teachers are notorious for this. Yes, thank you Dr. G because that's what I wanted, your red smudged lipstick and saliva all over the corner of my test. Out some lotion on or get a sponge. Figure it out!

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