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Friday, October 24, 2014

It's a good thing I picked a pretty eventful day to do this photo challenge. For today, I took a photo every hour, so now all of you will have proof i pretty much do nothing in my spare time. Just don't use it against me :P
It's 7:47 in the a.m. and my alarm was not supposed to go off until 8, yet here I am up and ready to start my day. Am I happy? Probably not so much because... sleep!

8:57 in the morning. Well as you can see I'm wearing a blue top here, yet in all my pictures I am wearing a red shirt, so clearly i'm still trying to figure out what I'm wearing today. I think it was my black pants throwing me off, I now hate black jeans. 

9:36 I was stuck in traffic on my way to school .Yippie, Desert Inn.

10:47 I am walking away from my study group in the library. Maybe I'll go to Starbucks.... then again maybe not because i think everyone else had that same idea at 10:47 in the morning.

So here I am at 11:36 waiting outside my classroom. Maybe my teacher will be late and i won't have to go? BOOOOO! What kind of a professor gets to class at the 14 minute mark! #OVERIT

12:40 p.m. Welp, looks like everybody else left in time for this class because there's literally no one in class today. That 4 minute mark got them badddddd.

1:55 p.m. Now I am just being punked because literally, the amount of cares I have right now is the amount of people in this room which is MINIMAL! More seats were occupied by backpacks than students 0__o

2:55 p.m. I have found myself in the computer room to attempt to get some work done... lets see how well that goes.

3:45 Oh hey look,I ran into my twin and Big in the source room! My big is about to reveal to her third little at 4:00! YAY for Kylee is now in our family and now i'm a triplet! P.S. didn't get any homework done, I helped make posters instead.

4:40 I am back in the computer lab actually getting my cost control project done. Snaps for Jordan for doing something school related while actually at school.

5:33 Mr. Emilio and I are kind of sort of not really making  sign for my soon-to-be little! I don't think we ever actually finished it though... Emilio shows promising crafting skills doe.....

7:00 Big Little Reveal has begun, but first our service project! We made all these little candy trick or treat bags for our local charity organization Candle Lighters!

8:15 I now officially have my newest little DANI! She is the cutest sweetest thing in Sigma and I am so happy to call her family! We already have so much in common so I cant wait to see whats in store. 

9:30 We are at Yardhouse at Townsqaure (which Dani had never been too, so that was kind of fun) and we all ate together as a FIERCE FAM! Dani ordered a crater chicken pot pie, that thing was sooo big, and I got me a pizza because pizza is BAE.

10:40 We had some more photo sessions going on, so thst was fun. This is my big Marielle, she always catches me when I fall.... literally falling.

12:46 (only because my phone died) I am laying in bed debating if i really need to wash my make up off or if I can just pretend its not here and fall asleep? Thats a day in the life of Jordan y'all. 


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