Dear 30 year old me,

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Dear 30 year old me,

Guess what you're thirty. Just let that sink in. 
How's your bachelors degree treating you? Going for that masters now? 

I'm doing a lot of work right now to make sure you have a bright future once you hit thirty. I'm working two jobs, and possibly getting into a world wide event company. I'm doing big things in a small amount of time because I want to make sure your happy at this moment in time. 

How is post college? Do you hang out with work colleagues and go to happy hours like we always talked about? I hope you're still in touch with your sigma family! They helped develop who you are as a woman today, yenno? 

What are your hobbies now a days? You're still updating DailyCupOfJOJO, right?! Do you still read? Remember how you were obsessed with the Jodi Picoult books since freshman year of highschool? I wonder how younger me is doing.... I hope Instagram  is still a thing, you loved that. Of course I hope you've updated the app since.

You should have a rock on that left hand of yours by now! Nothing too over the too though, you had modest taste back here with me. But even if you don't have a ring there's no judgement... Maybe slight judgement but that just means more time to live it up with your ladies!

School is going pretty well right now. These are the hardest classes I've taken in life though. Don't expect your average GPA this time around, honey. We just got our new member class of fall 2014, and I'm pretty much in love with all of them. Maybe you should call one of them up and have lunch!
This week particularly is homecoming week of 2014. Remember traveling through time, Tri sigma was "the future." Well TKE was too but crazy, unforeseen circumstances happened (you know, you were there). We all still killed it though! 
I've been traveling a lot lately too. I went to Washington, Reno, and Colorado all in one summer. I'm just trying to keep you well versed in the traveling area. Have you gone back to Europe yet? I hope so, high school would've been the last time we've been there if you haven't! 

Did you adopt that puppy we talked about? If you didn't, go and do it, you know how happy dogs make you. Here's a list of things you need to go do if you haven't accomplished them yet, otherwise 40 year old you is going to be old and bitter.

1. Zipline off of a really tall landscape or building

2. Finish visiting a whole set of "the seven wonders of the world" 

3. Adopt that puppy

4. Go on your first cruise

5. Whatever eating diet plan your on, scratch it and get a green tea latte from Starbucks (whole milk) 

Just wanted to let you know that I'm making big moves to get you where you need to be. I'm taking leadership positions, doing volunteer work, going to church, getting good grades, upping my social life, and creating good relationships with people. I hope you use these to your advantage, because I'm not busting my butt just so you can sit on it later, unless you're sitting on a stack of cash then I guess you can chill for a bit. 

Good luck out here in 2024! 
Love you and see you sooner than you think,
Jordan, 20 year old me

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