If I won the lottery...

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

( Happy October Y'all! )

The concept of winning the lottery is stressful and peaceful at the same time. You don't have any money worries for, basically, the rest of your life, but there is always that concept of what do you do with all that dough!
 Some people are saints and give it all away, some help their families out, some keep it, some spend it. There are so many ways these dollars can come into use.

A lot of people say if they won the lottery they would just give it all away, but lets be real here...

I like to think I'd give a good portion of it to organizations or my church or someplace that's dear to me. The reality is that when you come into such a large sum of money you're taken aback by all the opportunities you're presented with and you don't want it to run out because that's what your used to. You;re used to not having that huge sum in your bank account so you're expecting it to just fade away, so why would you want to give it away. The fact of the matter is that it does not fade away. That's your money.

So if I won the lottery, lets say $4,000,000 dollars here's my list of how I would put that money to use...

1. I want a boat, I've always wanted a boat, I don;\'t live near a water source except lake mead but I still want a boat... well a yacht. 
2. I'd pay off my parents house, and all of their car payments (or if they wanted a new car that works too)
3. I'd pay off my boyfriends car and house payments (yes, I would because we've been together for quite a while and if I came into this sum of money I would want him to have it for how much hes done for me even if we don;t work out)
4. I'd get rid of my Hyundai accent and get me a real car ( not sure what but i'd get something nice... it would break necks ;p)
5. I'd donate a decent chunk of it to my church because we have this "giving grace" pledge at my church that I never took part in because I work a retail job and make minimum wage. Id try to make up for all my tithes I missed out on.
6. I'd take my friends and family and we would travel. I want to go back to Europe, I'd like to hit up south american, man I'd like to just go to the east coast of the main land.
7. I would still coupon.... that's a hobby with or without money
8. I'd keep the rest. As long as my family is not in financial struggle I'd like to keep the rest just to have. Maybe for my future family (and when I say family I mean me and a dog or two) and maybe save up for them to have cars of their own and go to college.... 

I realize that doesn't equal $4,000,000 but I don't want it too. I'm a frugal shopper with $200 in my account or $4,000,000.

So What would you do with your money?


What would you do if you won the lottery?

spend your money on big things (car, house, boat)
buy stuff for yourself and shop for dayzzzz
donate it all
buy stuff for you and your family
make it rain

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