Money is NOT the First Priority

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Alright, here's the deal. I am in college, and most of you are in college or at least on the money struggle bus age of some sort, so I get it. You are constantly stuck in a battle of "YOLO, let's blow this weeks paycheck," and "Guys, can I have your spare change for ramen noodles."
The young adult life is a brutal world and can get rough sometimes. You want to make your friends happy, yourself happy, and keep your bank account above $0.00. 

Friend: Hey wanna come out to night? We're going to eat sushi and catch that one movie
You: Nah, I can't. I don't have a penny to my name.

BOOM, done. Conversation over, unless that friend says "Hey, don't worry about it. I got you" then you should obviously take that opportunity, I mean you don't wanna be rude.

The thing is, I know times are rough, and you're stuck between a minimum wage or salary cap, but you should not deny a good time or an opportunity because you're broke.

Here me out before you wear yourself out jumping to conclusions. "Easy for you to say, you can probably afford to do whatever you wanted."I pay bills and rent." "I live paycheck top paycheck." blah blah blah...all I hear with that are excuses not to have fun,

If you don't want to go out because you just don't want to go out ( money aside) that's entirely fair, it's your life. But if you don't go out solely because you don't have the money, I think you should reconsider. Yes, your bills need to get paid, and your food needs to be bought. In the end, do not forget to live while you can. You cant take money with you when you're gone.

REAL REASONS TO NOT GO OUT by my standards are as follows (but are not limited too)

1. Someone is in the hospital/visiting- basically you cant get away.
2. You need to study
3. You have work
4.You're doing something else with someone else
5. You spent money last time when you were "broke," so this time would just be unethical

Next time someone asks you to go out, and the first thing that comes to your head is money, reconsider. Money comes and goes, and friends do as well. Those who laugh often live much, and I hope money is not your first priority. Make yourself and your happiness your first priority. There are ways around not spending money. Go to the restaurant, and order a fun drink instead of food. Go to the bar and maybe not pay for that "one girls" drink (I cant guarantee you'll have a good return rate on that one though) but just go to hang out with friends.

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