My Pumpkin Patch of Goals For the Fall

Monday, October 6, 2014

Today's theme is a bucket list for the fall season. These are things I'd like to accomplish by the end of the fall season. I think this is a fair deal because I have to start somewhere, and seasonal goals are smaller in scale, so I will feel like I am accomplishing things.

Pumpkin Patch of Goals

1. Buy a fall scented candle/lotion/spray... anything from bath and bodyworks basically.

2. Carve a pumpkin better than last years, because that was on point

3. Get a pumpkin (or fall flavored) cupcake from Sprinkles and get to see my best friend in the process. 

4. Buy a new sweater, and possibly a new scarf.

5. Eat a pumpkin bagel with pumpkin shmear.

6. Get at least a 90% on my special events class tests

7. Lend someone a book.

8. Get all my Christmas shopping done before December. Prices go up after Halloween.

9. Donate clothes to an organization in need for the winter season

10. Take a fall themed selfie and post it on Instagram. (I know how it works: pictures or it didn't happen)

 I highly encourage you to make a list and write it down somewhere. Seeing your list in front of your eyes is a very motivating trick. It only works with things you want to get done, like if you want an A on that test but you don't want to study, putting your book somewhere where you see it all the time isn't going to help, so do it when the situation calls for it!

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