"Please Text At The Table."- No One Ever

Sunday, October 26, 2014

I am sure our parents or elders have all yapped at us about texting or watching TV while eating dinner as a family. I mean I'm a realist, and I live in the now, so I get it. The TV is a nice distraction; you're installed needs to be checked every so often, your fans on Twitter need to know your every move in life. Trust me, if anyone gets it, it's me.

I do agree with the elders in this respect though. Even when I'm out with my friends, they might all be on their phones, but I try to stay away from mine. I'll find something else to distract me like the calorie counts on a menu, or take notice of the wallpaper on the wall, obviously not always those but like become more aware of the environment I'm in. Everyone is always telling me to focus on the now, so that's what I'm trying to do. I do slip up now and then but I'm not the first person to whip out my phone as soon as I sit down to eat.

Am I going to phone Nazi you? Probably not, because it's your life. If you want to see how many double taps your #WCW has then so be it. You do you boo-boo. Sometimes people notice and I unintentionally but intentionally have an effect on them, and they put it away. I don't know, they see me staring at anything else, but my phone and I think a little light bulb clicks on in their head. Whatever, the point is, I don't text or watch TV while I'm at the table unless I explicitly say "Hey, let's go watch the game and eat chicken wings," because then I'm already warning you that I will be preoccupied. Same applies to phones you could be like "Hey, wanna come eat sushi with me while I Snapchat my friend from France the entire time?" then it's the person you're inviting's call, but as I said, you warned them.

5 ways of how to deal with people who just wont put their phones down

1. Ignore the problem this time, and don't invite them back out to eat I guess. If you don't want to deal with it, don't eat with them. This is not my favorite option because it is so common anymore you might end up eating alone, a lot.  Only use this method when the person or people are glued to their phone.

2. Indirectly (or directly I guess depending on the person you are ) set times to check your phone. When someone gets up to go to the bathroom, the waiter is taking someone else's order after you've already ordered, etc. 

 3. Be funny about it. This is my personal favorite, text them a picture of them on their phone, of course, this would require you to take out your phone, but it's for a good cause, so I think it is fair game.

4. Ask them why they need to be on their phone. Preferably without attitude because then they will respond defensively and that will just lead to an awkward dinner. But I mean just ask them if everything is okay, and they'll be like "Why?" and you'll be all "Because you're on your phone a lot I was just curious." You have to make it sound innocently convincing enough, to where you're almost genuine. Make them believe you think something is wrong.

5.Play that game where everyone puts their phone in the middle of the table or side of the table and the first one to touch their phone before the meal ends has to pay. I've never actually done this because I'm not super crazy about the phone thing, but if it bothers you, then this is what you need to look into.

As I said, I am not a phone Nazi. I'm not going to take it from you; I probably won't even give you subtle hints like I just listed above. I will not use my phone unless asked to and I will try to hold a conversation with you even if you're trying to hold one with someone else. I'm not offended by people texting or watching TV at the table either; it is just a personal choice that I don't like to participate in that. I'm almost like an electronic vegetarian. Like I don't eat meat, but it is your choice if you want to eat meat, no judgment. I won't use my phone but it is your choice if you want to use your phone.

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